Dewayne Dedmon Goes Pro

The forward announced today he is skipping his senior season and turning pro.

“It’s just my time to chase my dream and go to the NBA,” Dedmon  said. “I had a great time at USC and it was a good experience. I had some ups and downs and learned a lot and believe it is best for me to turn professional at this time.

“I wish USC, Andy Enfield and all my teammates all the best moving forward. Andy is a good guy and I believe he will do great things here.”

My take: This has to be viewed as a setback for Andy Enfield since he has received 100 percent positive coverage since USC hired him. Dedmon is not ready for the NBA and USC definitely needed him even with Omar Oraby returning.

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  • Golden Trojan

    How about a win-win. Dedmon may actually play basketball next year instead of being suspended from the Trojans, Enfield is rid of a trouble maker as the heat from Seattle turns up.

    • gotroy22

      Great post, Golden. We will miss his talent but Coach Enfield doesn’t need to be distracted by the legal consequences of Dedmon’s wilding antics in downtown Spokane. In this post-Boston climate the authorities may be less lenient to random violence by angry young adults. It frees up a scholie that Coach can use to bring in another player who buys into his system 100%

    • Was it not Spokane ?

      • gotroy22

        Yes Beautiful Downtown Spokane. Why couldn’t they have played in Pullman and gone home immediately????

  • inb4 racism from Thaimex

    • SonOfWestwood

      How is that racism? He is saying that Oraby looks like Rowan Atkinson’s character, Mr. Bean.

      He’s right.

      • 1. My comment was before Bucket’s
        2. My comment wasn’t about Bucket
        3. Thank you for mistaking ThaiMex for Bucket

        • SonOfWestwood

          Even if they aren’t the same person, their contributions are interchangeable.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Your contributions don’t seem too far away from theirs either.

          • SonOfWestwood

            I’m not nearly as clever.

            I prefer to discuss sports on a sports blog……even Southern Cal sports since I grew up in a USC family.

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Don’t sell yourself short, Judge!

            However, you did miss an opportunity to use “Southern Cal” twice in one sentence. Bucket would never do that.

          • I see you use the word ‘contributions’ loosely.

          • Bucket and Thai ‘contribute’ to this blog like the Tsarneav brothers contributed to the Boston Marathon.

        • marvgoux1

          So where is the Thai comment?

          • The point is Thai’s comments are so shiity and predictable I can predict what he’s going to say, so my comment is ‘in before’ his racist comment. He just posted to a different post.

  • there goes the Tri-Towers!!!

    uh-oh, Mr Bean, it’s all on you, brother!!!

  • I just want to comment on this since it had no title

  • dtksr1

    This is more to this and others know it too.

    • gotroy22

      Every coach gets to clean house and bring in their own players.

  • I don’t think that it is a negative reflection on Enfield. There was speculation that Dedmon would go pro as soon as word of his suspension got out. While it is disappointing, there is no guaranty that he would be allowed to play next year. Best that he moves on. Enfield now has two scholarships to give for next year.