ESPN’s Mel Kiper Still Has Matt Barkley No. 1

Remember when Mel Kiper said during Matt Barkley’s freshman season he would be the No. 1 pick in the NFL draft in three years? Well, in Kiper’s current mock draft, he has Barkley as the No. 1 pick . . .  of the second round.

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  • Golden Trojan

    The best thing for Barkley and whoever picks him is to go in the 2nd round to a team that has good QB with 2 good years left in him. Barkley learns the NFL, not pressured to start next year. Barkley is not 1st round.

  • hey wolfman, that was a humiliating kick to Pious Passer’s crotch!!!

    butt you’re right, he deserves it for throwing Kiff and team under the bus!!!

    1st pick of SECOND ROUND!!!!!

    LOVE IT, wolf-erino!!!!!! keep ’em coming!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Lame and boring! Once AGAIN, get some new material.
      Any luck on the cranium exam?

      • betomas

        Yawn…keep on encouraging him, you dimwit. As a bandwagon fan, you make us all look stupid with your stupid, 2nd grade comments. Get a life.

        • TrojanFan


  • wolfman, who wouldda thunk your humiliating kick to the crotch prediction would come true????

    and who wouldda thunk this would actually end up being a pipedream???

    just remember, the was Chucker Bucker who called 3d round, Dummies!!!!!