Some Thoughts On Dewayne Dedmon

Here’s what an NBA Eastern Conference player personnel director thought about Dewayne Dedmon’s announcement to turn pro and skip his senior season.

“It would take a desperate or brave team to use a first-round pick. His immediate future is the D-League or overseas. The fact he turns 24 this summer does not help him.”

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  • ThaiMex

    Losing Dedmon will be a major set back. He’s not very talented but has been the starting Center for the past two seasons (who could forget him leading SUCks in 2011-2012 to an almost perfect 1-17 in conference record?). There’s nobody to replace him, which means LIMBO U will continue with its losing tradition.

    BTW…..How’s the Baseball team doing?
    fit on torgans, home of Women Punching, and Spittin’ and a gropin’.

  • LamontRaymond

    We’ll be seeing him playing in Iran, Mongolia, or some other obscure league in a few years. I wouldn’t be surprised if SC had an issue with his behavior at the end of last season. I’m personally glad that there will be more playing time for the more polished Orabi. Dedmon would have benefited greatly from a year under Enfield – and another year in school. But he’s free to piss away such opportunities like every other student athlete is.

    • gotroy22

      There’s always a team willing to sign a 7 footer is only to send out there to foul and wear down the other team’s 7 footer.

      • ThaiMex

        The LEAGUE is loaded with 7 FOOTERS who NEVER set foot on the Court.
        Didn’t CKO once say of Dedmon….”No question he’s a first round pick, no question”??????
        Not all BLOWHARDS are TORGANS, but all Torgans are BLOWHARDS!
        fit on torgan!

        • actually he said Dedmon was a lottery pick!!!!


        • That’s probably why CKO isn’t our coach anymore.