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There’s been a growing number of NFL analysts saying Matt Barkley’s draft status was unaffected by his decision to return for his senior season. Phil Simms of CBS echoed this idea here. But let’s consider just how risk-averse the NFL is and engages in group think.

A year ago, Barkley was the subject of nearly unanimous adulation. He said teams told him he was a top 10 draft pick. So what changed?

A lousy senior season, that’s what. And now NFL teams know it would seem foolish to say he is a top 10 pick. So instead they cover themselves by saying nothing’s changed in the past 12 months.

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  • wolfman, we both know that the one and only REAL reason the Pious Passer stayed for his senior season was cause he wanted to be a Number One pick and he thought this was a lock if he stayed!!!

    as most Pious phonies, he wanted us to believe he did it for some altruistic reason…but we all saw what a great team player the Pious Passer was as he stood back watching Witteck founder against GA Tech!! you could actually see him grinning in seeming enjoyment watching Witteck mentally fall apart!!!

    and, don’t forget, he went 4 yrs without EVER leading a 4th Qtr comeback!!!

    i am downgrading the Pious Passer to mid third round. and you know i’m always wrong (chortle).

  • ITT: We discuss the same sht we’ve listened to every day for the past 6 months

  • How about we discuss the future of USC football, and stop dwelling on the same
    stuff over and over.. We know USC had a bad season last year, we know coaching,
    and QB play was questionable, we know, we know, we know.. Now let’s try
    discussing something new..

    • Scotty Boy doesn’t know anything else, he thinks someone will see this “quality” writing and give him a job. He is probably planning on how to get kicked out of practice again and using this blog as a test panel.