Question Of The Day

Do you believe NFL teams actually penalize Matt Barkley because of the way past USC quarterbacks struggled in the league? Or do they judge Barkley solely on his own merits?

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  • Golden Trojan

    QBs that go in the first round and have to start their rookie year are usually on bad teams and struggle and I would suspect have shorter careers. The average career for an NFL QB is 4.4yrs. Palmer has been in the league 9 yrs, Leinart 6 yrs, Sanchez 4 yrs and all heading into another season with a job and none have been on a good team. Football is the ultimate team sport, if a QB doesn’t have the support he will struggle, not all of his own doing. I will repeat Matt Barkley should want to go in the 2nd or 3rd round to a good team with a good QB so he can watch, listen and learn how to be great.

    • Palmer was on a few decent teams in Cincinnati. Leinart and Sanchez just suck. Barkley is not better than any current starting NFL QB and he will never be a long time starting NFL QB, NEVER.

      • rusoviet

        Yeah there’s some knowledge posted huh? In the history of the NY Jets they have never been quarterbacked to consecutive AFC Championships ever – what a complete moron you truly are.

    • rusoviet

      Well said and I say that because i don’t see his ability as equal to Sanchez nor the confidence Sanchez possesses – Barkley would be well served on the bench.

    • dtksr1

      All the teams, good & bad choose in every round. Barkley can still be chosen in the 2nd round by a very poor team!

  • WEB_Dupree

    Perhaps both.

  • dtksr1

    You would like to think they scout QBs on their own merit. But other issues come into the scenario that affect that performance. The QB cannot catch the pass he throws and he cannot do the blocking when he runs or hands off the ball. He also cannot call the plays that showcase his ability and that of the other players around him. The answer is yes & no!