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Data via Pro-Football-Reference.Com

Today is the NFL Draft and the question is whether Matt Barkley or Robert Woods will become a first-round draft choice. USC currently has 76 first-round picks, more than any other school as the above chart shows.


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  • dtksr1

    Of course, all the brain-washed fans of the SEC would deny this is accurate and the fact USC has more players totally drafted into the NFL. I can only feel sorry for the players going into this draft. Due to their headcoaches’ determination to have things all his way, the players will pay for this crime. Most of these players listed would have had a better draft position otherwise. I think when Barkley & Woods in particular get drafted, someone should pound on Kiffin’s door and ask him how proud of himself he is with his job performance putting these players in this position. TJ Simers would easily have the guts to do this…

    • TrojanFamily

      ActuallyTJ Simers would probably make a snarky comment about FP Santangelo and then talk about a grocery bagger

      • dtksr1

        Yes he probably would add that on “in addition” to asking the question and waiting for an answer starring Kiffin straight in the eye.

  • Cheap seats

    This year’s SC class will have several 4th or higher picks: McDonald, Robey, Holmes, Starling, and the guys mentioned.

  • TrojanFan

    UCLA with 29, WEAK!

    Bucket, please explain why this number is less than half compared to USC? I’m all ears

  • ThaiMex

    and that folks…is why they call it YESTERDAY U.
    fit on torgans…(Will you improve on last years 7-6, 5-4 record? Smart money says you live up to the other NICKNAME, LIMBO U and finish around 5-8)
    so says EASY MONEY!

    • 5-8, i can’t wait!!

      • 5-8 huh? You know what you should do? You should bet on it. Bet on it with your money. Oh! Wait a minute! You don’t have any money? So I guess that means you need to shut the fk up! That’s what I would do if I didn’t have any money, I would shut the fk up.

        • i dont have any money?? what are you a 3rd grader???

          actually that puts you in the top echelon of wolfman’s constituency!!!

          by the way i spent the last two nights at fancy showbiz parties in LA with live entertainment and music and five premier food trucks…so chic!!!

          so who needs money when your in with the In Crowd????

          • You really are new to the internet aren’t you?

    • Explain how 5-8 would be Limbo U. Remember, we’re not UCLA: 5-8 doesn’t count as a decent season.

  • wolfman, while Southern Cal may dominate this statistical point, can you name a trOXan who has been anything other than a huge bust in the NFL??? lets see,

    Reggie (bust)
    Lienart (huge bust)
    i dont have all day so i wont list THEM ALL…

    conversely, UCLA dominates the NBA statistics all time first rounders, champeenships, players in NBA etc

    HOWEVER, is Southern Cal #29 in NBA players produced?? HAWR-HAWR!! NO!!!! UCLA is a top program in BOTH sports!!!!

    oh, it must truly SUCK to be a one-dimensional school when your one dimension SUCKS!!!!

    • Yeah Clay Matthews was a huge bust. So was Polamalu. So were the Kalil bros. Did you use Bing for your USC players search?

      • you debase the Great Willy Wonka by using his image.

        • Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and the internet beat me to it. You must be new here.

    • Kind of hard to call Bush a bust when he won a Super Bowl.. Just saying!

  • Golden Trojan

    It would be interesting to see how many were a bust and how many had good careers. Since the average NFL career is 3.3 yrs, anybody that beats that can’t be a bust. RBs last 2.6yrs, WRs 2.8, QBs 4.4. Palmer has been in the league 10yrs, Bush 7, Lienart 6 so far.