Even More Reaction From Matt Barkley

“I’ll definitely remember this weekend for the rest of my career,” Barkley said. “It will spurn me on to compete and challenge myself just to be a better quarterback. You visualize all the picks that went in front of you, especially the other quarterbacks that were taken.”

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  • betomas

    verb [trans.]
    reject with disdain or contempt.

    Again, Barkley should just quit while he’s ahead (I know I’m being generous here), shut his yapper, and be thankful that he’s still not sitting staring at the screen and waiting for his name to be called out a lá TFail when he waits at the free clinic.

  • TrojanFamily

    I suspect Matt said spur me on and Scott shockingly reported it incorrectly.

    But Beto, that IS hilarious!

  • Spedjones

    Same guy who said Lane’s offensive was “predictive”. Fit on!

  • the rest of WHAT career??? i am not sure he even makes this club!!

    i won’t underestimate Chip, maybe he wants to cover all contingencies in case the sails on go flop on his offense and he needs a Sonny Jurgensen type chubby blond slinger back there to lead a 4th Qtr comeback!!!!

    uh-oh. doesn’t Chip read this blog???

  • SC Topcat

    Barkley bought into Lane Kiffin’s BS. of national championship and Heisman and paid a big price. Kiffin’s credibility is shot. No smart USC player will be suckered by Kiffin to stick around for 4 years like Barkley just so that cry baby Kiffin get to keep his job.

    • steveg

      I dont think anyone will stick around for Kiffin again. good point

  • Golden Trojan

    Will he ever start for this team? He’s got to be fourth or fifth on the depth chart. He’s an arm for training camp, maybe makes the scout team, practice squad? Trade bait if he develops?

  • Spedjones

    The rest of his career may not be too long.