Matt Barkley On Returning For His Senior Season

Here’s what the USC quarterback said when asked if he made a mistake coming back for his senior year.

“I think you definitely learn from your decisions,” Barkley said. “Luckily I won’t have to ever make that decision again.”

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  • rusoviet

    Ok well welcome to reality Matt – you were given the job in 2009 i.e. you never had to compete for it annually. As to you learning from your decision – ok then again I’m guessing the Heisman was in that equation huh?

    Oh BTW for all the ‘U’ Clowns Lost Again apes laughing with glee – ‘blank’ off i.e. Mora is outta’ dere’ if he wins this year and if he doesn’t well then he’s what Alford is – a joke. I doubt Mora is an ‘Alford’ – frankly since ‘jonnie’ bailed after 1975 – who is? ‘jonnie’ sjaking as Sam Gilbert shoved him into the toilet stall at Pauley…’jonnie’….save for Harrick what is there?

    ‘jonnie’…’s basketball….Alford….lazy ‘ad’…govt. employee….SEIU….lovers of barakska….where is ‘JFK’?…..why?….Jack our Jack….Bobbie….Teddy….if only….wanna be limousine liberals driving ‘leased’ Priuses….ucla my sucla….time for the 8 clap….

    U Clowns Lost Again…

    U Clowns Lost A-gain gain gain gain!

    • Well said

    • marvgoux1

      What are you drinking? I want some.

      • betomas

        Me too, although it was probably ingested by him smoking something (crack? Angel dust?) Or spiking his soup with acid.

  • marvgoux1

    Think of all the good Matt could have done with his charity foundation with the $10+ million he would have received if he left school for the NFL last year. I’m still impressed with this young man who set up a charity as a high school student. He will be a success in life even if it isn’t in football. After what happened here we won’t ever begrude future Trojans from going pro early.

    • Spedjones

      Yes, yes, he set it up. Not his dad.

  • gotroy22

    Why would Chip Kelly would draft an immobile quarterback for his spread office? Matt Scott of Arizona would have been a much better fit. The key of making it in the NFL is getting drafted by the right team that has a dire need for your skills. I hope Matt doesn’t waste his career getting smacked around trying to be a running quarterback.