UCLA Sweeps USC In Dual Track Meet

The Trojan men lost 85-78 while the women lost 90-73, snapping the Trojans’ five-year winning streak in the women’s meet. USC sprinter Bryshon Nellum won the 200-and-400 meters.

His time of 20.37 in the 200 is the fastest current NCAA time and fourth fastest time in the world this year. It is also the fourth fastest time in USC history and personal best for Nellum.

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  • so let’s re-cap: :

    Football: advantage UCLA (Pac 12 So Champeens)
    Basketball: advantage UCLA Pac 12 season CHampeens)
    Baseball: advantage UCLA (not even close)
    Track: advantage UCLA

    so of the four major sports, COMPLETE domination by UCLA!!!!!!!


    SUCKS to be u trOXans!!!!!

  • Steve B.

    It is so disappointing that some events (6) on the men side were completely swept by the actual losers from Westwood. Trojans beat them in 10 events, but the third place finishes were the difference. Having Josh Mance transfer
    plus injury to Devonte Stewart hurt the cause. The Trojan men were not even
    competitive in distance races, pole vault, shot put, and discus. You eliminate the steeplechase which is not run all season until the conf./ncaa championships, and USC wins. What is with ten entrants by the ‘ruins vs. two for the Trojans in the 5K when it would be equitable to have three each for both teams?

    • ThaiMex

      Stevie (I’M LAUGHING)….you are a fine representative of the University of Coulda, woulda , shoulda, congrats! BTW….scoring for track meets hasn’t changed in our lifetime. It’s been the same way for almost EVER! Lemme get this straight….You say you lost because ….
      You didn’t have enough 3rd place finishers? (I’m still laughing)…Then you blame the loss on a TRANSFER?…Then you say you lost because of an INJURY?(My side is hurting from laughing)….Then you CHERRY PICK and say that if certain events were eliminated, the Torgans would have won?( I think I just wet my pants!)…..Then you make a stupid remark about what is equitable?(my Beer just came out my nose!)

      U Stupid Cheaters are just too plain STUPID to know when to STFU!
      hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Thanks for the laugh.
      fit on torgans! (stevie….are you related to the IFFINS?)