Eddie George Critical Of Matt Barkley

Yahoo’s Eddie George on why Matt Barkley was not picked in first three rounds.

“It’s simple,” George said. “I don’t think he is a starter at the quarterback position. I think at best he’s a backup quarterback.”

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  • Spedjones

    That’s not critical. It’s real.

    • TrojanFan

      2 wins in 16 years, now that’s real

      • Spedjones

        1 win in 1 year. That’s real too. Keep living in the past – SC really has become “Yesterday U”.

      • Hysterical!

  • testify, Eddie, TESTIFY!!!

    • Scsyco

      Compared to who Shart Bucket, Cade McNown? Ruin On Moron!

      • Golden Trojan

        Loser? 4 year starter at USC with a record of 34-17 overall, did not play in some of those losses. 3-1 against UCLA, including the epic perfection of 50-0!

        • Bill

          He had to deflate the balls!

          • TrojanFan


        • EPIC!

      • Imagine what we would’ve done to UCLA all those years if we’d have had a good quarterback…(read:sarcasm)

    • TrojanFan

      A loser is someone who posts under 10 different handles and gets a hard on while he’s doing it….ouch!

  • Who cares? He’s gone.

    • no, he’s a trOXan FOR LIFE!!!! remember??

      • So is OJ

        • rssjl125

          A trogan for life serving life, Ouch!!

          • Rather go to lunch with The Juice than YOU, OUCH.

  • Golden Trojan

    The NFL think he is a project and maybe will never start. It’s great when a guy prove the critics wrong, I hope Matt does. After today it’s time to move on with Matt. He is no longer on the Trojans roster. What will Wolf and Bucket do without Matt, who’s the next guy to pick on?

  • CheattheSystem

    Alex Smith

    Billy Kilmer

    Brian Sipe

    Carson Palmer

    David Carr (Bakersfield)

    Drew Hensen

    Jack Kemp

    Jim Zorn

    John Huarte

    John O’Sullivan

    Jordan Palmer

    Kyle Boller

    Marcus Allen

    Mark Brunnell

    Mark Malone

    Matt Cassell

    Matt Leinart

    Matt Moore

    Pat Haden

    Randall Cunningham

    Rob Johnson

    Sean Salisbury

    Todd Marinovich

    Troy Aikman (born in Cali) Ucla

    Vince Ferragamo

  • rssjl125

    Imposing figure: KnockKnock
    Matty: who’s there?
    Imposing figure: Barr
    Matty: Barr who?
    Imposing figure: BOOM!! 38 – 28


    • TrojanFan



      • Bill


        • 1954. LOL

        • TrojanFan

          2 wins in 16 years….LOL!

    • Bill

      That video is priceless! Just think Max Turd will be on the line for three more years! Keep On Kiffin On!

      • Cheap seats

        Idiot. Max Turek was playing GUARD that game. The guy who fell asleep was A. Walker.

        • TrojanFamily

          He’s referring to Max Browne. His trolling is about a second grade level.

          • TrojanFan

            So is his taste in TV viewing

      • TrojanFan

        Bill, please stick to cartoons. Your football IQ is in the single digits

  • steveg

    we all know that what George says really means a lot. Another loser, like the blogger raging on the gorgeous blond Houston cheerleader because she has curves.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Spoken like a True Ohio State Buckeye…who are 0 and 7 against USC since January 1974.