USC Morning Buzz

Remember this Lane Kiffin quote at the end of Matt Barkley’s junior season?

“How do you not draft that kid? He’s going up there in the top five.”

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  • Is this shocking because it’s Lane actually saying something good about one of his players?

    • He loved McFatty, Woods, not so much.


    i needed a pick-me up this morning, and as always, you delivered, with a yet another humiliating kick to the trOXans collective crotch!!!

    oh, MAN!! is Kiff ever sorry he messed with you in the first place!!!

    remind me NEVER to cross you, wolfman, lest i suffer the Claw of the Wolf!!!!


    • Golden Trojan

      4-0, that’s # of USC QBs to # of UCLA QBs in the NFL! Return KICK TO YOUR BRUIN CROTCH!

      • It’s too bad Bucket is too old to run marathons.

        • Karla

          I don’t get it. You are making fun of the Boston Bombing victims? Charlie Bucket said you guys were low, but this is too much.

          • No I’m making fun of Bucket. His implied death wouldn’t have any effect on the world in any way, except this blog would have slightly less posts.

      • Troy Aikmen ?? Billy Kilmer ? Gary Beban ??

        • Golden Trojan

          6 CURRENTLY in the NFL!

          • rssjl125

            Couldn’t tell!!

        • Cheap seats

          I think he meant current QBs? Palmer, Cassel, Leinart, Barkley…who’s the other 2?

          Don’t forget Jay Schroeder in the list of all time UCLA QBs. Actually had a decent career and started several years.

          • Golden Trojan

            Corp and now Barkley.

        • Bill

          Tommy Maddox, JP Losman (since you are counting Corp), Matt Moore (since you are counting Corp), Tom Ramsey, John Sciarra, and Rick Neuheisel. Just to name a few.

      • Spedjones

        LOL. 6 bench warmers. And maybe don’t count Dirty Sanchez after today, hey?

        • Cheap seats

          Still waiting for Prince and Brehaut’s names to get mentioned..

      • Bill

        You also have more felons!

    • TrojanFan

      Man crush!

  • Cheap seats

    It’s only been 2 days since the draft and Wolf is pouring it on.

    It’s going to be a long summer…and it likely won’t stop even during the season.

    Expect the worst from Scott — digging up quotes, what other guys are saying, digging up his own past blogs, etc. There will be no “high road” on this one and he’s loving every minute of Barkley slipping.

    The erection will definitely last more than 4 hours on this one.

    The REAL question: if Barkley was drafted in round 1, what would Scott’s headlines be?

    Me thinks skepticism and how “stupid” the team was for drafting him that high.

    • WAH! WAH! hey, if the Pious Passer can take it like a Man , why not the rest of you trOXans??

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket will take it any way he can get it, even at the expense of having a eye shot out

  • How long are we going to draw this out?