UCLA wrapped up spring practice last weekend and Jim Mora said, “I feel like everyone has bought in. Everybody has the same vision and the same goal.”

So the question remains, does the same apply to USC?

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  • steveg

    Kiffin feels as though everyone has bought in, according to sources.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty continues to be the turd in the punch bowl. According to sources.

    • TrojanFan

      Bucket continues to be the turd in the toilet bowl. According to sources.

  • SonOfWestwood

    They’d better buy in right now, because come summer there will be guys coming in who have to contribute.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there is buy it at Southern Cal right now.

  • Cheap seats

    Everyone “buying in” is not just on a verbal level.

    Consider this: Mora has his starting QB returning, exceeded expectations, and has his coaching staff returning. The leadership has one more year under their belts together.

    On the other side, Kiffin didn’t even come close to expectations, doesn’t even know who his starting QB is, and has a bunch of new assistants along with a new defense.

    I’m an SC fan, but you can’t help but point out the obvious.

  • Bill

    Just Keep On Kiffin On, Toejams! Give Lame Kitten a 10 year extension!

  • Jethro G Sabbath

    So everyone at UCLA is trying to get Mora another NFL job?

  • Spedjones

    Players at SC have indeed bought in. They ALL believe this is Kiffin’s last year and ALL agree they can’t wait to get outa there. FIT ON!

  • rusoviet

    If Mora wins Mora is gone

  • WOW! Great Inside USC news! This blog sucks!