Matt Barkley Under Pressure

Yesterday I ran a quote from USC offensive coordinator Clay Helton in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“He performs at the highest level when the pressure’s at its most,” Helton said.

A reader points out Barkley threw 36 touchdown passes and 15 interceptions last season but if take away the Hawaii, Syracuse and Colorado games, Barkley had 20 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.

The Trojans also went 4-4 in those toughest games. So is he better under pressure?

  • Erndog2q

    And if you take away every other game, he would have had zero stats?? So much of ” last season” is well documented and can not be blamed on Barkley, play selection, defense, a number of reasons are why SC went 4-4 in tough games? Matt didn’t even play ND, and it was obvious why SC lost. Little to do with the QB… Four year starter, SC, sanctions, big games, no pressure?????

  • Golden Trojan

    Are you talking about that former Trojan that is now learning Chip Kelly’s playbook in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE! MOVE ON WOLF! Matt has.

  • m00t

    You should do research and look at his stats in those remaining games, and discard all stats when the game was out of hand, and at the end of quarters. Then weigh each stat equally by defense ranks, factoring in cupcake games on those teams’ stats as well, and inversely by the number of throws. I’m not sure what it’ll show, except that you’ve actually done some work yourself.

  • B.Miller

    Who Cares what a random reader points out.. why don’t you post some stuff I point out on your blog?

  • Charles Bucket

    i would suggest that one measure of a QB’s ability to handle pressure (used by the NFL in fact) is the 4th Qtr comeback!!!


    wolfman, keep ’em coming!! we cant get enough Pious Passer news!!!

  • Patrick Irish

    If you take away the Daily News you have Inside USC. Wait, both are bad, nevermind.

  • MichiganTrojan

    Seeing as how he didn’t get to play in 3 of 4 possible bowl games, the country certainly has very little sense of his big game demeanor. But if you watch the few meaningful games he played – Oregon, Stanford, Notre Dame – he generally played at a very high level. If they lost those games it was usually because LK was out-coached. But he went throw for throw with Luck his soph and junior year, same with Oregon, and embarrassed the Irish D the year before they became a fake great. Helton’s comments are well-noted, forget about the stats.

  • jkstewart2

    Barkley has a problem with pics. However, it wasn’t his problem that the defense couldn’t stop a high school. It isn’t his problem that Kiffin doesn’t spread the ball around. It wasn’t his problem that the oline was porous. It wasn’t his problem that there was an ineffectual running game.

    Barkley’s problem was Kiffen