Matt Barkley To Wear No. 2 For Eagles

Barkley could not wear No. 7 because it is worn by Michael Vick. So he choose No. 2. No. 4 might have been an idea since he was a fourth-round pick but it is taken by QB G.J.Kinne.

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    Money Quote: “number 4 cause it matches the 4th round he was drafted in”!!!


    and they gave him #2????? what kind of number is THAT??? that’s a Kicker’s number!!! HAWR-HAWR!!

    looks like Kelly is not planning on keeping the Pious Passer around long!!!

    • Boy are you a d**k rider!

    • USC owns the Rose Bowl

      bruinboy makes a great point! UCLA’s ALL-TIME LEADING RUSHER gets drafted that low? lolololol troll on, idiot.

      (just making my monthly visit.. I see nothing has changed and your life is as boring as usual! see ya next month!)

    • When you’re sitting by yourself this Saturday night, spamming F5 and wondering why you don’t have any friends to socialize with, I want you re-read all of your comments, and realize how worthless your life really is.

      • if my life is so worthless, then WHY do i feel so ALIVE?!?!?!

        and tingly.

        • TrojanFan

          I’m sure you would feel ALIVE and tingly with a butt dart poking you in the a$$hole, idiot!

        • Meth.

    • TrojanFan

      Balls(testicles) or gumballs, bucket enjoys them all

  • To those of you who don’t know what Wikipedia is, acceptable number ranges are identical for quarterbacks, kickers and punters.

  • How about 15 – For TEBOW! Perfect fit for Kelly’s Offense not Matt Barkley

  • It’s CHOSE, not choose

    • chose, choose, Scott’s a little rattled from the gay coming out party in the NBA

  • bruinboy

    Where did fucla’s all-time leader rusher go in the draft? The fourth round? What number did he get, 00?

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0

    Only a few more weeks left for Wolfie’s and Shat-can’s weird pedo boy crush on Barkley to make posts about him…. Gee wiz, what will we do with out hearing….

    But but but, he never had a 4th Qtr Comeback!!!???

    3 -1, 50 – 0…….. R. I. P….

  • He should of just taken Foles’ number since he won’t be on the team for much longer. He might of considered the number 1 to represent a middle finger… (see what I did there?)

    • CheattheSystem

      Yeah, the grammar police are gonna get you!


      might have

      not might of, unless someone has the might of Samson!

      • Grammar police don’t use ‘gonna’.

        • CheattheSystem

          I R O N Y . . .

          • Grammar police don’t use irony either.

      • Don’t we have to write like Scotty so he can understand? Maybe its flown over everyone

  • wow!! just sayin’ they gave him a kooky number and an avalanche of wild anger and homophobic comments!!

    you dudes got some ISSUES!!!