USC Assistant Clay Helton On Matt Barkley’s Draft Slide

Offensive coordinator Clay Helton spoke today with New Jersey radio station 97.3 about Matt Barkley’s draft slide: “Who could foresee how well rookie quartebacks played? The lack of demand at quarterback position was a little bit crazy.”

Helton also defended Barkley’s arm strength: “Not one time when we game planned in a pro-style offense have we ever questioned a throw Matt could make.”

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  • dtksr1

    Helton wasn’t man enough to say what the majority of the Trojan fans know… Kiffin’s playcalling limited Barkley enough to where the scouts obviously thought he regressed from 2011 and the team was literally in disarray by the end of the season which also didn’t help Barkley’s image as a go to – can do QB. How could anyone think otherwise when a consensus #5 first round pick goes all the way down to a 4th round pick in one season?

  • in the Pros, the GM’s who get PAID to evaluate talent, measure 4th Qtr comebacks….i TOLD you Dummies this!!

    that’s why i PREDICTED Fourth Round for Pious Passer!!! (although, to be fair, i upgraded him to 3rd round status after the pro day, duh me!!)

    THANKS FOR THE GUMBALL WOLFMAN!!! you are outdoing yourself with all these Pious Passer sweeet scooops!!!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      your lack of football IQ is so apparent right here. GMs in the NFL evaluate physicality. The question is whether Barkley looks like a QB. it’s why guys like Ben Roethlesberger, whose college career in the MAC was pretty uneventful, was an NFL pick. He looked and had the physical tools to be an NFL QB.

      You might want to go back to your Bobby Hill-like obsession with kicking people in the crotch. Because, that IS your purse.

    • bigturboweenie

      don’t feed the troll.

    • TrojanFan

      Open your mouth bucket, I got a gumball for you, idiot……hahaha!!!!!

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    The moment late this past season I saw Barkley have to scream at a confused Marquis Lee to simply line up properly to avoid an illegal formation penalty told me alot…..he was a man amongst boys, and now surrounded by NFL talent will do alot better than people believe.


      a lot

  • betomas

    Clay Helton is an idiot. Simple as that.