What Did Matt Barkley Lose?

Fox Sports created this infographic on what Matt Barkley lost by returning for his senior season if you believe he would have been a top 5 pick last year.

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  • What did Matt Barkley gain following his selection by an NFL Team?

    No longer has to hear or deal with Scott Wolf.

  • Keep ’em coming wolfman!!!! you have turned this whole last week into a of Bacchanalian fantasy land of crotch-kicking delights!!!!

    oh, i feel so ALIVE!!! and TINLGY!!!

    i really DOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    (spinning with arms out, looking up at sky)

    • TrojanFamily

      With Buckie’s obsession with crotch kicking, am I the only one who pictures him as a chubby Bobby Hill look-alike shouting “that’s my purse! and “I don’t know you” while trying to kick random guys in the junk?

      • nice one, TF!!!

        actually my inspiration for the humiliating kick in the crotch line was “Syncronicity”, but that episode of King of the Hill is my all time favorite!!! well actually it’s a tie between that episode and any that centers around Cotton Hill.

        oh, gotta go, they are showing the one where Hank’s dog is accused of being racisist!!!

        • WEB_Dupree

          The all-time best “King of the Hill” is the one where the Hills and Hank’s friend Bill take a trip to Louisiana; Bill stays with his crazy relatives in the decrepit bayou mansion while Hank must decide whether to try to throw a football through a hole in a giant beercan, or let Dandy Don Meredith do it for him, with a big cash prize at stake.

          Bill: “Gilbert?! How long have you been sittin’ there?”

          Gilbert: “For 35 years.”

          • yeah that one is good, isn’t that the one where bobby starts acting like a southern fop, to Hank’s horror?? sugar sweeeeet!!!

          • WEB_Dupree

            Yes, and then Dandy Don Meredith notes the similarity between Bobby’s new love of finery and Hank’s appreciation for the metallic blue pants of the Dallas Cowboys uniform.

    • TrojanFan

      Buckets spinning circles with his arms out looking up at the sky on top of a butt dart…..ouch!!!! at least he wasn’t staring down the barrel, we all know how the eye patch got there….. thank you bruinrob, such a marksman…LOL!

      That would definitely make anyone feel alive and tingly

      • betomas


        • TrojanFan

          Rough night at the local ampm! Trading hours for dollars must suck

          • betomas


          • TrojanFan

            Sounds like you’re the one FAAAIIILLLING!!


    The way i look at it is, by staying an extra year, he learned what it’s like to face real adversity. Sure, he would have made much more money leaving last year, but by the looks of it, he wasn’t ready.. 1 more year of experience can’t hurt.

    • gotroy22

      1 more year of experience did hurt when he had his shoulder injured in the fucla debacle.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Barkley simply came back to play for the wrong headfootball coach…

  • YAY Wolf! More stories on the same old sh*t! this is the best blog ever with new and updated stories everyday..

  • WEB_Dupree

    Meanwhile, how much does Fox Sports pay the kid who put together this crass infographic?

  • Golden Trojan

    Top 5 pick, $20 million, Drafted in the 4th round, $2.5 million, Not having Scott Wolf continuing to post about Matt Barkley, PRICELESS.