How Did You Grade The Andy Enfield Hire?

The feedback from fans has been overwhelmingly positive but CBS Sports columnist Jeff Goodman gives it a B-.

I’d say it’s a C+ to B- until Enfield gets a chance to prove himself.

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  • I give the people grading him a D- for feeling the need to grade his performance before he’s coached a single game here.

    • NoMercy


  • NoMercy


  • rusoviet

    It’s no different than assessing a candidate prior to his/her being installed – the voters chose what they wanted and the rest is seeing what it is they voted for.

    Enfield is gold by nay measurement – solid hire a huge leap forward for Troy.

    All the school needs now is to put an ice rink into Galen.

  • wolfman, C+ to B- was EXACTLY what i was going to give it too!!!

    • TrojanFan

      Kiss a$$!

  • I bet if Andy was gay, Scott would have given him an A

    • Michael Link

      I wish Scott would finally come out…

      • ThaiMex

        There are only three reasons why U Stupid Clowns would post something this stupid.
        -If….Scott were to “come out”, then it would open the gates for you.
        -You are a narrow minded twit, and don’t read/view material written by gay people.
        -you are are 11 years old and think you’ve “get” the gay humor thing.
        U Stupid Cheaters are a “QUEER BUNCH”. I mean,…here’s a school where the dominant sport is Womens rowing, your mascot runs around wearing a leather skirt and U silly children
        continue to question Scotts sexual preference (while tolerating the petty childish behavior of Torganfail and nubsie)?
        just sayin!
        fit on torgans….5-8….I just can’t wait.

        • TrojanFan

          Any luck on the janitorial job?

          How many BSC games have the ruins won? Let my make it easier on you, how many have they played in? Still proud of 1/2 a title from back in the leather helmet days….hahaha!

          But the big question is, why do you continue to display “petty childish behavior” and feel proud of it.? Troll on,idiot!

        • The loudest Trojan doesn’t represent all the Trojans. But thanks for generalizing all of us, that’s probably the mature thing to do.

    • TrojanFamily

      Methinks Benny doth protest too much…….sounds like a personal issue

  • What exactly is he being graded on? That should be established

  • Steve B.

    Since he was the 4th choice and not on the initial radar a “C” grade would be more in line of reality. Your team loses twice to Lipscomb while upsetting Georgetown and SDSU in the tourney so that kind of balances the scorecard.