USC Morning Buzz

Matt Barkley said he took No. 2 only after the Eagles received permission from its former owner, kicker David Akers. He said he did not want No. 5, which was his high school number.

“No,” Barkley said to Philadelphia radio station 97.5. “I think that was too soon after Donovan (McNabb).”

Barkley also said, “I don’t exactly know what type of system it is going to be,” when asked what offense the Eagles will run.

Barkley also dismissed his critics: “Let ‘em keep talking. I’m not going to talk a whole lot, I’m just going to come in and do work, and the way that I play this year I think will speak for itself. They can say what they want but I’m not listening.”

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  • SonOfWestwood

    Good for him. First right thing he’s said in months.

    • I agree. When he says things like this, it just makes Kiffin look worse and worse.

    • marvgoux1

      Hope they trade him to a team that can use a drop back passer.

  • i TOLD you it was a KICKER’S number!!!!

    thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!!

    i am still afraid Pious Passer doen’t make this team…but with injury prone Vick and Dixon’s reconstructed knee, he could end up seeing some duty this season???? maybe he can come is and lead a 4th Qtr comeback!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Only if the Eagles play Ohio State

      • NoMercy

        The Eagles Will Not Play Ohio State As They Are In Different Leagues.

        • Which is odd when you see Ohio State’s players’ salaries.