Winners And Losers Of The Week


Robert Woods

Being talked about as possible starter in Buffalo next season.

Cynthia Cooper

Women’s basketball coach gets first commitment from point guard Chyanne Butler.

Women’s rowing team

Defeated UCLA in dual meet.

Cromwell Field

Site of next weekend’s Pac-12 track and field championships.

Sand volleyball players Kirby Burnham and Stevi Robinson

The pair were named USC’s first sand volleyball All-Americans and won the national pairs title today.


USC athletic dept.

What will it do without Matt Barkley to constantly promote next season?

Offensive lineman Abe Markowitz

NCAA denied waiver to return to USC next year.

USC baseball

Dropped six of its past seven games.

Andy Enfield

Probably didn’t know when he signed contract he must go on coaches’ tour with Lane Kiffin.

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  • Winners:


    breaks Bobby Hill’s alltime record for delivering humiliating crotch kicks to Southern Cal Dummies following NFL draft bust!!!!


    still scattering pieces left from NFL draft bust!!


    Southern Cal Dummies

    crotches left virtually flattened by repeated crotch kicks from wolfman!!!

    Bounce Pass Haden

    failing programs lead to so many crotch kicks, he will sing soprano at next campus musical

    • LOL, with you it would be called a c()nt punt

      • NoMercy

        So True. Lol.

      • TrojanFamily

        Ok that’s funny Ben. But hey don’t you hearing him shouting “That’s My Purse!!”

    • TrojanFan



      Recently recognized as the #1 punch line on this blog…..congrats!

    • TrojanFamily

      You might want to watch that King of the Hill again. You sort of missed the point.

      Shout for us Chuckles: “That’s My Purse!!”

      Don’t worry, you can claim it is a man purse.

    • TrojanFan



      For posting under 10 different handles, and feeling sexually aroused by it.

  • marvgoux1

    Loser of the week- football program beats out San Jose State,Virginia, Indiana, Old Dominion, Washington, Florida International and Western Kentucky for 2 recruits. It’s like we’ve switched uniforms with the gutties.

  • Ted

    Andy Enfield has to go on coaches’ tour with Lane Kiffin?!? Wow

  • gotroy22

    Loser- lib media jumping on the Jason Collins bandwagon before researching their “hero” and finding out he put his fiancee of 8 years at risk of contracting HIV and hepatitis while living his dual life. Some “hero”.

  • Karla

    I can’t believe the homophobic garbage on this site. I thought the site would be full of college grads, but obviously not. Since it is a virtual a certainty that all the homophobes on this site have a least one immediate family member who is gay, I think these comments are a despicable betrayal as well. .

    • TrojanFan

      Hey honey, If you don’t like what’s cooking then leave the kitchen.