Lane Kiffin On Picking A Starting QB

USC coach Lane Kiffin was asked today about when he will decide on who will start at quarterback for the Trojans.

“Whenever it shows itself, it will show itself. There is no time frame on it,” Kiffin said.

This is nothing new from what Kiffin said during the spring. The dilemma — from Kiffin’s point of view — will be whether he wants a 6-5 quarterback or a 6-1 quarterback.

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  • Wittik will get the job, period.

    • Cheap seats

      If he does, it will be a 5+ loss year. This guy had a 1-1 TD-INT ratio even at the high school level.

      He looks good… Until the real game starts.

  • NoMercy

    Smart Move By Kiffin.

  • dtksr1

    It should matter which QB will make less mistakes. Its not like Kiffin has the luxury to have a gunslinger throw pics during the game and laugh it off… not this year.