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Former USC tailback Joe McKnight is known for being a special teams player with the New York Jets but he wants to be their starting tailback since they do not have a clear-cut starter.

“It’s ‘Competition U’ here and I want to compete,’’ McKnight told the New York Post. “I did it at USC when they had 11 running backs out there and I’m going to do it now.’’

McKnight added, ““Words can’t even describe how badly I want to be that guy I’ve got an edge — a fire to me … so I can show everybody that I can play.”

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  • oh, how i remember the Terrible Ten Tailbacks that glutted the trOXans roster in ’07!! despite all the hoopla, ALL TEN were pro flops, with McKnight have the best career of them all and he has always been a bench guy!!!

    the aftermath of this debacle has had a devastating impact on RB recruiting ever since!!


    • TrojanFan

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    • NoMercy

      You are incorrect. There is no problem with recruiting at USC. Please do some research before making incorrect and untrue statements.

      • TrojanFan

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      • TrojanFan

        The guy is definitely not wired right

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