Matt Barkley Calls Chip Kelly A Winner

USC quarterback Matt Barkley was asked about Eagles coach Chip Kelly this morning. “I respect him as a coach. He’s a winner,” Barkley told Philadelphia radio station 94WIP. Wonder if he would have said the same about Lane Kiffin?

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  • TrojanFan

    Get off your lazy a$$ and ask him. We are all just dying to know

    Less question asking and more question answering, please!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Unless it’s color of players socks, the jersey numbers that players are issued (or request), Ronald McDonald football cleats, cheerleaders of opposing teams or soccer, Wolf can’t be bothered with confirming the facts, let alone conduct an actual interview with a player…..hence, his “wonderment” of things that could easily be answered and clarified in a simple 15 second telephone conversation, if anyone would even answer one of his calls……I don’t think that caller ID is Wolf’s friend……

    • Ya took the words right out of my mouth TF.. Wolf is the anti -investigative journalist.

  • wolfman, not even Bobby Hill could’ve delivered so many deadly crotch kicks as YOU today!!!! DANG!!!!!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      That’s my Purse! I dont know you!

  • SonOfWestwood

    He’s already been as clear as he coule be (and probably more than he should) about his feelings regarding Kiffy.

  • TrojanFamily

    Scott reminds me of that commercial for cell phones….he’s like the guy who says “I like to win!” and the old lady says “you like to whine!” The old lady has Scott down to a T.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty cant ask any questions sitting in his 1 bedroom apartment. The only thing he ever ask is if Bucket fed the cat. According to sources.

  • Karla

    That is really big of him. Now I know why the call him the Phoney Passer.

  • Your story states that “USC quaterback Matt Barkley” but last I checked, he was no longer enrolled at USC or on the roster.. Again, thanks for the inside Eagles news, but can we get back to some USC news.. Great talk..