Andy Enfield Recruiting Update

New basketball coach Andy Enfield hosted a pair of 2014 recruits on campus this week: Forward Stanley Johnson of Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana and point guard Tra Holder of Brentwood.

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  • rusoviet

    Hey any news on Altofrd as to the remaining $1 mil NM claims is owed them? What makes this so amusing is Guerrero hadn’t the skill to vet anyone other than a ‘pick six’ list he got from the LA Times sport section per ‘quality coaches’ – no – after Bulter and VCU’s HC said ‘no’ Guerrero threw a dart on the wall w.o. any idea of the payout to get the hire.

    Alford is a putz and considering it’s three + year since ‘jonnie’ the wooder croaked how fitting that Sam Gilbert’s widow is still ‘hangin’ in the Palisades for another govt. dork job – LAUSD.

    Reminds me of the dems gods – Jack our Jack…if only….why?…. Bobbie….Teddie…klintonska the rapist….sniffing sniffing….hmmmm ohhhhh yyyyeeesss!!!!