• continue to keep us POSTED, wolfman!!! gawd, what did the trOXan psycho trainers DO to these kids to win games???

    i hope Woods is ok…i shudder to think what Kiff had done to him to keep him playing hurt that whole season before they threw him under the bus…

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, I was told by a inside source(betomas) you were the passenger on the back of that scooter. That would explain the damage done to your cranium…..OUCH!!!!!

      two more kicks to the crotch!


  • Golden Trojan

    According to the Physicians Desk Reference, Toradol is a powerful
    antiinflammatory/analgesic drug with serious potential side effects but
    cardiac arrest is not one of them. You could question repeated use but causing his heart attack seem a reach. Armstead had a great year with
    Toronto and now has a shot on the Patriots. Move on Armond. What’s he
    looking for and what kind of legal advice is he getting?

    • Another turd for the money grab. SJ ring a bell?