Does it matter that UCLA won this year’s Gauntlet, the competition created between the schools for all sports. Did it matter that USC won the previous four?

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  • thedaws


  • Golden Trojan

    Of Course You Dolt!

  • No and no. The gauntlet should consist of three (or possibly four, depending on ‘postseason’ play) games each year: football, basketball and basketball.

    • marvgoux1

      In that case we lost. I’d make it football 2 votes, basketball 1 vote baeball 1 vote track 1 vote. Those are the sports we care about.

      • We did lose – but I don’t really care, and I don’t care about the previous winning streak we had either. Thus, no and no.

  • Anyway trolls, have a fun weekend sitting in front of your computers! Sorry, I have friends!!!

  • rusoviet

    Far more telling is the bel-airians losing two powerful professors Arthur Toga and Paul Thompson to USC-Keck.

    “Give it to me babee I need it I need that ucla —-

    • marvgoux1

      The Pat Haden dream of transforming SC into Northwestern is almost complete…I never thought I’d see the day we have SC Fans actually caring about arcane faculty hiring for the medical center instead of demanding the incompetent Kiffin’s firing.

      • rusoviet

        En contraire – this strategy’s inception was not from Haden rather it originated with Sample and has been carried on with Nikias

        Go to any CSU or UC and look at two things – 1. ballooning non-teaching staff and even more telling 2. the cost of staffing worthless but mandated majors (race, gender, junk science ecology, lgbt (fruitopian festiveness)). All of it costs money and the state is broke –

        • You are full of crap. Sample supported athletics. Max does to some degree, but is more concerned with his legacy. Haden should go back to broadcasting. He’s KILLING athletics at SC.

          • gotroy22

            Sample was a great president who understood what made SC great. Unlike most egg heads, he didn’t see a contradiction between superior academics and a top athletic program. He helped revive our football program after the disasterous Paul Hackett era.

          • I think you might just be an insider.

          • rusoviet

            The world wants you…. I know it’s short notice but how ’bout tonight?…Let’s have you rendezvous at Griffs on Melrose … strut your stuff girlfreind . come on now let’s see you strew yer mess … yeah!

          • rusoviet

            What a nuanced post – so full of decorum and insight. Let’s see you work where? Strutting for the concrete cowboys over on Melrose i.e. ‘boys town’

            I’m sorry fellatrix – you are good at that hmmm?

            A suggestion next time try not to confirm what you are already – your ‘nomme de plume’ says it all “…..oh….nooooo…..pleaseeee….not there……hmmmmm….you savage……stop it…..not yet…ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!

          • Not nearly as brilliant as yours. Suc it.

        • betomas


  • Michael Link

    Can’t win them all…Bucket is back in his Mom’s basement with one hand on the keyboard and the other on his…

  • SORRY DUMMIES!!! thought you were not gonna get your crotches kicked in??



    thanks for the GUMBALL wolfman!!!


    UCLA OWNS LA!!!!

    • Look you troll, stop this crap or I will c()nt punt you

  • timtrojan

    All that matters is Bucket keeps Scotty happy with the whole David Beckham role play thing. Bucket is such a good wife.