Player Passer Rating Completion % TD’s per Game Played Drafted
M. Leinart 70.2 57.1 0.45 (15/33) 2006
J.D. Booty 00.0 00.0 00.0 (00/00) 2008
M. Sanchez 71.7 55.1 1.09 (68/62) 2009
M. Cassel 80.4 58.9 1.05 (82/78) 2005
C. Palmer 86.2 62.5 1.55 (189/122) 2003 has compiled the above list of how the past five USC quarterbacks have performed in the NFL to see if it can predict how Matt Barkley will perform. They basically determine its all depends on what type of opportunity Barkley gets with the Eagles.

3 thoughts on “USC QBs In The NFL

  1. Look I’m not saying any of these guys are Brady or Manning (even though Palmer’s been pretty damn good), but since 2002 how many schools have had multiple QBs start in the NFL? It’s become popular for media to bash SC QBs, but this is an non-story.

    • TF, Bucket is a dope. If you want to have some fun, go to the bRuins blog. They are as dumb as a rock. Hilarious.

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