Winners And Losers Of The Week


Robert Woods

Strong showing in Bills mini-camp solidifies feeling he will be starter in the fall.

Matthew Thomas

Linebacker made public his desire to get out of letter-of-intent and wants to transfer to Georgia or USC.

Serra cornerback Adoree Jackson

After putting on a show at last weekend’s 7-on-7 competition, Jackson long-jumped 23-7.25 at the Division IV Southern Section prelims Saturday. Marqise Lee long-jumped 23-1.25 the same day at Pac-12 championships.

Lane Kiffin

Celebrated 38th birthday this week as highest-paid employee on USC campus.

Women’s water polo

The Trojans face Stanford today in the NCAA title game.


Added 21,000 subscribers despite not having Pac-12 Network.


Pac-12 Network

Made claims of showing 850 events in first year but instead showed 550, the amount it was contractually obligated to televise. And 0 events were shown on DirecTV.

USC baseball

Only eight games left in another frustrating season.

The Gauntlet

USC loses it to UCLA for first time in five years.


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  • timtrojan

    Bucket made a nice roast for Scotty last night and as a result did not have to wear the Oregon Cheerleader outfit to bed.

  • TrojanFan



    He has reached a new low, he’s now trolling “The Philly Post” sports blog.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      He hasn’t been back here since. I think after he did that he realized the severity of his problem and checked himself into rehab.

  • OMG!! Jezro and his new compadre spent Mothers Day tracking my activities!!! that’s kinda sad, boys!!

    and falling right into C-Buck’s trap!! well, they don’t call ’em Dummies for nothin!!!

    if it’s ok with all you Dummies, i just need to make the great fans of Philly aware of the Pious Paser’s proper nickname, PLUS, i don’t think they are AWARE he has NEVER led a 4th Qtr COMEBACK!!! i’ll do my best to make sure they are not DUPED!!! they have a RIGHT to know!!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      So you’re setting traps now? It’s worse than I imagined.

      • TrojanFan

        The guy keeps reaching new lows!

    • TrojanFan

      At least we have mothers, unlike you who was orphaned at birth, once your mother saw the large and deformed cranium. They thought you were born with a pimple until you peeped through it. ….hahaha!

      PS….get some new material, better yet get a life and quiet acting like a 8===D

  • Spedjones

    So very little made of the Gauntlet being won by UCLA. Another year of decline in football, basketball and baseball ends in a total fail. FIT ON!

    • Sped you are so right!!

      also, have you noticed that as the football program failed, the class of trOXans on this site has plummeted to rock bottom!!!

      the Cadre OWN this place and all that left are a bunch of Dummies who are stuck on 4th grade put downs and OBSESSED with the activities of the Cadre rather than their own teams!!

      at least the Nabobs knew a little about sports and presented an OCCASIONAL challenge before they went into hiding…i think we whoooped them a little too hard (chortle)

      • TrojanFan

        Hey bucket(aka penis breath), please hire a ghost writer, your material is STALE,idiot

        The cadre is a lame a$$ troll, who enjoys playing butt darts with Karla, his right hand, and thaimex, his left hand, up in bruinrob’s tree house….ouch!

        PS….. smile when the flavor changes 8===D

    • TrojanFan

      Turn the light on idiot, this is a USC blog…..and I thought you were above a bag of rocks!

      • Spedjones

        Yes, it is. And the Gauntlet is a USC thing. Or it used to be! FIT ON!