The Daily Barkley

Eagles coach Chip Kelly on quarterback Matt Barkley during the team’s mini-camp.

“Matt Barkley has been great,” Kelly said. “He’s picking up everything we throw at him and he’s been here every morning at 6am working hard. I hope Matt competes for the starting job. As coaches, our job is to put the best players on the field and I hope Matt competes for the starting job.”

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  • Charles Bucket

    Sweet scooopin wolfman!!!!

    (psssst: wolfman you call that a set up? C’mon man the Cadre is good, but we need better assists!! hasn”t
    Pious thrown any picks yet??)

  • WEB_Dupree

    “The Daily Barkley with Scott Wolf & the Trollitos” should be the new name of this blog.

    “He’s picking up everything we throw at him” — is that part of the rookie hazing?

  • m00t

    I’m sure both Ryan Leaf and RG3 got the same identical reviews given to the press during their first mini-camp.

  • timtrojan

    Scotty and Bucket are rumored to be on the front of Out magazine next week.

  • Cheap seats

    “I hope he competes for a starting job..”

    Have you ever heard a head coach use the word “hope”? Translation: he’s not even in the equation right now.

  • B.Miller

    Lets work on reporting current USC News please

  • Golden Trojan

    He’s picking up all the dirty towels and sweaty jerseys. He’s in a 6 doing the laundry getting out those nasty grass stains, wants to be the head equipment guy!