Florida State Refuses To Release Matthew Thomas From Letter Of Intent

Seminoles athletic director FSU athletic director Randy Spetman told the Tallahassee Democrat he would not release linebacker Matthew Thomas from his letter. Thomas said he only signed with Florida State to please his mother and wants to go to USC or Georgia.

“You’d get into a situation where if you release him, then people would be doing that every year,” Spetman told the paper.

Thomas could appeal to the NCAA if he is not released. In recent years, USC’s released high-profile athletes like basketball player Derrick Williams and football player Seantrel Henderson from letters of intent.

Henderson was released because of USC’s NCAA sanctions. Williams was released by former athletic director Mike Garrett following the resignation of then-basketball coach Tim Floyd. So if you are unhappy to hear of Florida State’s decision, were you happy when USC released Williams?

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  • TrojanFan

    What a chickenshit decision. Release the kid so he can head west

    • SonOfWestwood

      Totally disagree with you on this one. The kid is stating no hardship, and hasn’t even begun to understand life on campus. I think if he is saying that I just wish I’d chosen another school, then he should not be released until he can come up with a better reason.

      • I think regardless of how mature of a decision this is on his part, it’s an incredibly selfish and immature decision by Fisher. Why would you keep a kid who doesn’t want to be there, and why would you hold something like this over his head; Thomas staying hurts him, and hurts the team.

        • SonOfWestwood

          Can’t disagree there. Why would you want a kid that doesn’t want to be there? My only concern is, how does this kid even know he doesn’t want to be there? What’s changed? Why all of a sudden does he not care about what his mother wants?

          • TrojanFamily

            We hold student athletes to different standards though. Kids change their mind about which college to attend all the time. If the NCAA thought another school was trying to. Influence his decision, it would’ve a different case. But if the kid just changed his mind, FSU should release him. National Signing Day treats these kids like they are professional athletes and the LOI like a contract. But then the organization hypocritically extols the virtues of amatuerism. Which is it? Either they are high school kids going to college and should be treated as such, or they are professional athletes who sign contracts with the LOI and should be paid.

            To answer Scott’s question, USC did the right thing in releasing Williams (even though the decision hurt). I wasn’t on this blog at the time but would have said so if I was.

          • SonOfWestwood

            All excellent points. I would still be curious to learn what has changed exactly, but we’ll likely never know. I hope the kid finds what he’s looking for, but I do honestly believe he would be better served honoring his initial commitment….It’s just a better way to go through life.

            However, if something has changed, then he should definitely be allowed to do what’s best for him and his.

          • TrojanFamily

            Agreed. I think we all are making assumptions on him without all the facts. I understand why there is NSD. At some point the recruiting needs to stop. If he felt pressured and just changed his mind, he should be released. But if there was additional recruiting after his LOI, I am less inclined to say e should be released.

            The larger issue though is how we treat student-athletes. This is yet another example of NCAA hypocrisy. It reinforces in me that Ed O’Bannon needs to win his lawsuit. Then they can consider the LOI as a contract, which benefits coaches since they get certainty. But the student athlete gets their rights under the contract as well.

          • gotroy22

            Why make a big deal about LOI Day if it means nothing? I’m glad our recruits are locked in so they can’t pull the Hamlet act. The kid better learn now that being an adult means you have to make big life-altering decisions and then live with the consequences.

          • SonOfWestwood

            The NCAA is another conversation for another day. I agree that players get the shaft, but up until they sign that LOI, they hold all the cards. At some point you simply have to hold them accountable for their decisions. Really a tough issue. I do respect your point of view however, and do think the NCAA should do whatever it can to give these kids every manner of protection possible.

          • The NCAA seems to have forgotten why it exists in the first place. Imagine if every college athlete went on strike – how long do you imagine that institution would last?

          • From what I understand, he felt forced to make a decision because he had a ESPN announcement scheduled (again, not the best decision). His mother told him if he doesn’t know for sure, choose FSU. After signed for FSU, and spent some more time thinking about the decision, he decided against it. Judging from the actions taken by FSU, I think he’s making the right choice.

          • TrojanFan

            You are over thinking this. The kid wanted to go to school A, the mom wanted him to go to school B. The kid caved in to his mom’s wishes. Now for some unknown reasons to us, she changed her stance

            It’s the kids ultimate decision, let him go where his heart is and not be a prisoner just to appease his mom

      • TrojanFan

        His reasons could be personnel, no need to play it out in the public arena

  • Too bad. This kid was born to be a trOXan!!

    Threw his own mamma under the bus!!! Wonder what HE would do to kiff???

    • NoMercy

      Ummm…I Think He Was The One Thrown Under The Bus.

    • TrojanFan


      Quiet being a 8===D

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    • TrojanFan

      5:00 am and you’re already trolling this site, you have some major issues

  • timtrojan

    Scotty only about day late on finding this out. You need to get your wife (Bucket) to troll for this info faster. According to sources. (AKA other people reporting)

    • Scotty is too busy finding ways to take jabs at Barkley for staying another year since his Kiffin material is running low

    • TrojanFan

      What happened to betomas, he used to get the “day late” inside info. The swing shift at the local ampm has really cut into his investigative time

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Sit out a year and come West, young man…….There’s no shame in taking red shirt year…….Adjusting to college life, living independent of family, gain some maturity and letting the media circus die down would probably be in his best interest anyway….plus, he would be “honoring” the NCAA penalty of transferring…..


  • This might be the only big-city media outlet in which the commenters are twice more intelligent than the columnist… 25 percent more when the Bruin trolls join in.

  • Space

    Um, I do not think Wolf cares who or what comments are made on the blog. What matters most is he gets people to the blog. This is a blog, not mondo journalism. Duh.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      You 100% correct, Space…….the more blog hits he receives, the easier it is for the marketing folks to sell ad space (no pun intended) to their advertisers…. Wolf’s motives are largely revenue driven…and BTW… I won’t be watching Judge Judy today @ 4pm!, nor will I be purchasing a Ford Focus anytime soon…….

  • TrojanFan

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  • Wolf posted a comment on the original subject (Feb 14, 2013) resulting in 16 hits. Very interesting. FSU knew the situation, and the kid has probably suffered since signing day.