Coliseum Delay

The California state senate voted unanimously to prohibit the California Science Center from delegating to USC the power to center’s parking lots at the Coliseum. This will further delay USC’s attempt to run the Coliseum and make improvements.

The senate bill prohibits the Science Center from doing anything with its parking lots without legislative approval.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    “Coilseum”?….. Seriously, Wolf?…. Can we please get someone to proofread his crap?……any 5th Grader will do…….

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Thank you for correcting the spelling of “Coliseum”……..I won’t even get into correctly capitalizing State Senate….baby steps………..

  • TrojanFamily

    What does it mean “the power to center’s parking lots.”

    Scott this is not just a complaint. I seriously don’t understand the sentence. What did the Senate do? Is Center supposed to be capitalized and hence refers to the Science Center? Or is it small case and hence a verb with an odd possessive? And if it refers to the Science Center, what is prohibited? USC’s unilateral control over them? The power to upgrade them? Collect revenues?

    Of course I will go to another site for these answers. I come here to be amused. I go to real sites for actual information.

    • TrojanFamily

      FYI as per the LA Times, USC wanted control of the structures both for revenue and for staff, faculty, and student parking. The Senate worried that there would be no parking for museum attendance during the day (those lots are usually about half full during the day. It’s well known if parking on campus is full and you are prepared today, you will find parking at the Science Center–attendance at the museums is sluggish even with the Space Shuttle).