Matt Barkley Preview For Madden 13

The video-game already created a Philadelphia Eagles version of Matt Barkley throwing passes. And he’s not only throwing to Marqise Lee. Or trying to do too much. Watch video here.

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  • timtrojan

    Scotty nice to see Bucket knows how to set up a google search for Matt Barkley. He is such a good wife. Keep up the crack reporting. Again your problem with people that date beautiful women is showing. According to sources.

  • TrojanFamily

    Scott isn’t telling you that the new Madden ’13 has a special feature where sportswriters can troll their favorite players after every play. It’s called the running blog feature. When a team comes back and wins, the running blog asks things like “yeah but what color are their socks?” “Did the RB score the TD? That doesn’t count for the QB then.” And “but wait, who called tat play, the OC or the HC?”

    When asked for comment, the game designers said “we always strive for realism. It’s not just about making the game fun. It’s not big time sports if writers and bloggers aren’t whining about something!”

    • WEB_Dupree

      That sounds like an incredible level of realism — do I have to buy one of the next-generation consoles to get those features, or will the Xbox 360 version have them, too?

  • They seemed to emphasize #2 enhanced running skills…

    Look back at his RUSHING STATS for career at USC…(55 sacks are included)

    132 attempts— (-113 yds) -55 sacks
    77 legitimate rushing attempts-avg of 19 per season

    2009 long run of 12 yds
    2010 long run of 27 yds
    2011 long run of 12 yds
    2012 long run of 11 yds

    Over under as an Eagle rushing stats without sacks for 2013 season?

    I say he has 3 rushes (if that) for 7 yards…