T.J. McDonald’s Draft Stock Remained High

Despite the perception safety T.J. McDonald did not have a great senior season, an AFC coach told me today he was prepared to draft McDonald if the Rams didn’t take him in the third round.

This would back up Rams coach Jeff Fisher’s draft comments that he was worried McDonald would go before the 71st pick.

“I liked the way he played,” the AFC coach said. “I know some people might have been surprised but I wanted to take him. The Rams just took him first.”

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  • timtrojan

    AFC coach = Raiders towel boy who Scotty and Bucket have a special relationship. I’ll keep my hopes that some day Scotty will actually be able to direct quote a player or coach to whom he actually speaks. True story Scotty actually writes his stories on an etch a sketch then Bucket types them on his special learning laptop. According to sources.

    • TrojanFan

      Interesting, that’s the same story I got from MY sources!

      • Michael Link

        Wolf’s garbage is National Enquirer caliber. What a sorry excuse for a journalist…

        • TrojanFan


    • Cheap seats

      I thought Bucket was his “laptop”

  • Ben Factor

    It will be interesting to see how the NFL plays out for, respectively, Barkley, Woods, and McDonald. Various comments in the media about their respective draft status, senior seasons, fans among NFL staff, etc. have become irrelevant. Why look back?

    It’s time to see who’s going to “always compete” and “fight on.” We won’t know anything for several months.

  • didnt you already report this? Copy and paste reporter

    • TrojanFan

      Wolfman needs to spend more time working on this blog, than paying hourly rates for a hotel room with Bucket…..ouch!