Winners And Losers Of The Week


Frankie Telfort

Highy regarded linebacker who never played because of heart condition earned degree and will start coaching internship with Seahawks in July.

Ron Allice

USC track coach received a Legend of Troy award after 19 years and one national title coaching the Trojans.

Pat Haden

Made $2.2 million in 2011, almost as much as Lane Kiffin.

Finally . . .

All the USC athletes who graduated this week.


Lane Kiffin

His comments  this week about becoming a high school coach practically went viral.

Points per dollar

Former defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin made about $2 million last season, which worked out to around $6,329 for every point allowed.

The Coliseum

USC’s control over stadium still in limbo, which further delays improvements to the facility.


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  • rusoviet

    The baseball team’s two consecutive one run losses to UCLA. Need to see some change by this time next year.

    • gotroy22

      The collapse of the baseball program is just stunning.

      • SonOfWestwood

        It really is. From one of the most store programs in the nation, to a virtual patsy, is astounding. The lack of scholarships is one thing, but mainly what’s needed is a coach who can teach some defensive fundamentals.

        UCLA will never win a slugfest, but in a tight game, the pitching and defense has been stellar..

        • rusoviet

          The root of this decline is Mike Garrett signing Chad Kreuter as the head coach back in 2006.

          UCLA HC Savage is an excellent coach and Guerrero made sure he got him from UCI – weird that Mike Gillespie former HC at USC and Kreuter’s father-in-law is now the HC at UCI.

          They need to go for good prospects and stay away from those who are looking to MLB – it’s no different than the NBA’s draw on college players save that baseball players seem to be a lot smarter than the NBA players.

          • Give me a fing break. Ask Gillespie WHY his son in law was hired. You know nada.

          • TrojanFamily

            Makes two of you

          • rusoviet

            Same reason he was fired – Mike Garrett

          • SonOfWestwood

            All of that is true, but it doesn’t take a genius to see what wins games in baseball. Take Jim Tracy for instance, a horribly ineffective coach because of the poor defense his team’s play. In his latest stint, the Rockies error rate was twenty percent higher than under the previous regime. This season they are down almost fifty percent under Walt Weiss who was coaching high school last season. The Dodgers had that same issue under Tracy.

            You don’t need a superstar coach, you just need a guy that bleeds baseball and knows how to win games. At the time, I liked Krueter because I believe catchers know the game better than anybody, but there are probably a dozen high school coaches in the area that can teach the game better than what you’ve had.

          • TrojanFamily

            While USC needs a good teacher, the recruiting recently has been horrid. USZc hasn’t produced a major leaguer since Duda and Kennedy were here. They haven’t had a Friday night pitcher worth anything since Kennedy. They haven’t had anyone who can hit a shot out of the infield since Duda as well.

            Krueter killed recruiting and Haden settled for a cheap (and clearly overmatched) Frank Cruz based on the perception that, despite the fact he couldn’t recruit, he could coach. He could do either,nor could he follow the rules on recruiting, and now the program is even more of a disaster. Unless Haden goes out and overplays for a top coach,nothing will change.

          • rusoviet

            That’s a reach – The Angels have 40+ errors this year under the same manager (Scoscia). Weiss has the same experience Mattingly had – minimal.

            Krueter was sued by two former teammates for defaulting on a real estate loan – I don’t know too many other ‘coaches’ with that baggage. He was just as Mattingly and Weiss except no one was foolish enough to entrust a MLB team to Krueter’s lack of ability.

            Haden’s first move was firing Krueter.

    • With the AD


    Two winners have to be Kiffin and Mike Rae’s caddy because they still have their jobs.

  • gotroy22

    One loser is Nick Young getting arrested for putting a ruffy in a woman’s drink then sexually assaulting her while she was unconscious.

  • Things don’t ‘almost’ go viral. If it ‘practically’ goes viral, it probably would have showed up on espn’s front page right?

  • TrojanFan



    For paying hourly rates for a motel room

  • old_trojan_93

    Did anyone think to congratulate Frankie on getting his degree and moving on to learn under Pete?