Larry Scott Is Nation’s Highest Paid Commissioner At More Than $3 Million

The Wall Street Journal reports Scott’s total compensation is more than $3 million, which tops the Big Ten’s Jim Delany (2.8 million) and SEC’s Mike Slive (1.6 million). Scott’s crowning achievement is the ESPN and Fox TV deal worth $3 billion over 12 years and formation of the conference-owned Pac-12 Network.

But there’s been some other issues: If you have DirecTV, you have no Pac-12 Network. If you are a USC fan, you will endure a home game on a Thursday night this season. And there is the whole embarrassing scandal involving former supervisor of basketball officials, Ed Rush.

As I’ve said before, Scott did well on the TV deals but also benefited from good timing.

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  • How about we report some inside USC news?

    • TrojanFan


  • dtksr1

    I will say Larry Scott was a 1000% improvement over his predessessor, who was an embarressing dinosaur! Larry needs to keep working in improving the PAC-12 network & bringing other markets into the fold (Europe & Asia) as was talked about before! He also needs to encourage more of the conference schools to reach into their pockets more to develop winning football programs (probably his greatest challenge if you as me).

  • TrojanFan

    Hey wolfman, still bitchin about the Direct TV situation, quit being a cheap a$$