Do you think there is any chance Eddie Vanderdoes would select USC over UCLA if he does not attend Notre Dame?

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  • joinnyzombie

    Possible, maybe. USC would welcome him with arms open!

  • wolfman, this poor kid has been lied to, again and again and again!!!

    finally he will come to a university whose foundation is BUILT upon honesty, integrity and honor!!!! and that is of course, UCLA!!!

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Drum roll for the Sam Gilbert references, please…….

      • amusing you trOXans have to reference a old confused booster from the prior century as your big smoking gun!!

        the NCAA gave UCLA a slap on the pinky, mostly to hush all the sour grapes from teams we beat unmercifully for years: our record against the Pac 8 was 142-3 over 10years!!! we got what, probation for one year to shut the crybabies up!!!

        with the trOXans you usually only have to go back a week or so to find some shenanigans, crimes or sanctions!!!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          I was addressing your blatant disregard for the shameful events during the “foundation” years (honesty, integrity and honor) to which you had referred, (heck, even Wooden turned a blind eye to the obvious) but I suppose that your myopic “Bruin Vision” is working as intended…..

        • Jethro G Sabbath


          Don’t be so quick to dismiss the prior century. It’s the only one in which UCLA won a significant title.

        • TrojanFan

          No one gives a shlt what you have to say. Do us all a favor, go play butt darts and stay off this blog,idiot

        • rusoviet

          Whitebread uclan….. whitebread uclan …. limousine liberal ….. whitebread woodie ….. woodie ….. Sam Gilbert ….. run Nellie run …… woodie ….

    • TrojanFan

      Did you forget about your daddy, Sam….. idiot!

    • TrojanFamily

      ching chong ding dong ting tong

    • ThaiMex

      S.I. just came out with a list of the TOP 50 College athletes of all time. U-C-L-A topped the list with 6 players (SUC, as expected, didn’t show anywhere near the top).
      fit on though!

      • TrojanFan

        S.I. just came out with a list of the TOP 50 Sports Blog Trolls. U-C-L-A fans topped the list with 6 idiots (USC, as expected, didn’t show anywhere near the top). Congrats on having Bucket. represent!
        Fight On!

        Three well earned kicks to Bucket’s crotch, for having his maniac efforts recognizd

        • betomas

          Ha ha. Your comment made me laugh just out of its sheer lameness and your extreme imbecility.

          • TrojanFan

            2:00 am and you’re trolling a USC blog….PATHETIC!

    • rusoviet

      Sixty years is approaching since ‘u clowns lost again’ won a national championship …. go ‘ucla’ go ‘sucla’ – Alford is the sure bet …. jonnie … nellie …. oh the bouquet …. losers – bel-airians with the GLBT majors …. oh don’t touch me there ….. stop it …..oooohhhhh stop it! Ohhhhh I’m a limousine liberal……I need you…..don’t you dare leave me…..I’m yours…..-


    If Kiffin is the the head coach…none.

  • Ben Factor

    I am inclined to think there is something extremely naive about Vanderdoes, or something wrong with his emotional make-up. Or it may be his family. But something is off.

    Did he and his family not understand that all the coaches would tell him what he wanted to hear? Did they not understand that nothing is certain when you sign on with the #1 or #2 defense in the country (Alabama and Notre Dame)?

    If he wanted the short-term odds more in his favor, the smart choices were USC (because of the short roster), UCLA, which is upgrading the top 40 on its roster, or some other school with “issues”.

    It ain’t rocket science.

  • Spedjones

    SC was so out of it for EV by the end of the cycle they were almost in it. Not really. Kid’s all UCLA, as he should have been the entire time.

  • wolfman, you need to re-consider these Southern Cal vs UCLA features…it is no longer a fair fight!!!

    wolfman, would you keep putting Don Kotts (following bi-lateral hip replacements) into the ring with Clubber Lang over and over???

    these poor jamokes got NOTHING LEFT!!! they are punched out and punchy!!! with ALL THREE major sports in le toilet, these bums are DEFENSELESS!! meanwhile we gotta lotta mo’!! a LOTTA MO’!!!!

    wolfman, sometimes you are one RUTHLESS VATO!!!

    • rusoviet

      Oh cme let us adore him … for he alone is a fraud … all must worship and bow at the shrine of the ‘jonnie’ …. who we all leave our ‘leavings’ in the commode ….

      When you think of ‘jonnie’ think of nellie and when you think of nellie think of Sam Gilbert laughing at the two of them ….jonnie…nellie….such hard working descendants living off ‘jonnie cracked corn and I don’t care…. jonnie …. uh oh there’s Sam Gilbert …. jonnie it’s time to get on your knees and say ‘yassah massa’

  • rusoviet

    If ‘nellie’ were still here why she’d show them how to expectorate with ‘vigor’ at anyone who dared attempt to beat her wooden ‘woodie’… nellie …. woodie … offspring flunkies desperate for another payout … woodie …. vin-dawg …. Ed Rush …. rigged officiating for ‘U Clowns Lost Again’…. woodie …. vin-dawg the skull … addicts for limousine liberals …. westside ‘fruitopians’ …. Hey get a degree in GLBT – get it now …. woodie …. nellie ….Oh come let us adore him …..for he alone is a coward …. Sam Gilbert made him jump on command …. st. jonnie…..