Which Disgruntled Player Would You Rather Have At USC?

There are now two disgruntled high school players out there with signed letters of intent — Matthew Thomas of Florida State and Eddie Vanderdoes of Notre Dame. Which one would you want?

At least Thomas seemed to want to attend USC right before Signing Day. But Vanderdoes seemed to lose interest in USC once he decommited.

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  • SonOfWestwood

    I haven’t seen any evidence that either was disgruntled, but if I’m any team then I go with Vanderdoes, simply because elite DL are so hard to come by in college. Particularly out west.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      The word “disgruntled” was carefully chosen by Wolf (as are most of his words on this blog) to be inflammatory, or at least to be potentially interpreted in a negative way…. it’s part of his cryptic charm………I agree with you on the value of an elite DL, if forced to make a choice between the two….Thomas will likely land in Georgia anyway, because of his family ties there…..I wouldn’t be surprised if we whiffed on both of these “disgruntled players”…..

      • Spedjones

        Wolf is talking about kids disgruntled towards their current schools, not SC. Since both want to leave, I’d say it’s fair to say they’re disgruntled. Stop the Wolfie bashing NOW!

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Is that was Wolfie is talking about?……Or, perhaps it has nothing to do with these schools at all…. maybe they were simply “disgruntled” with the reasons why they made their choice (to please Mom, in the case of Thomas)…and Wolfie loves all of the attention, bashing or not…. don’t kid yourself….

    • Cheap seats

      If I’m EV, UCLA would look even more attractive now. With Jones gone to the NFL and Odighizuwa injured for the season, he would have a good chance to make an impact off the bat.

  • joinnyzombie


    • LamontRaymond

      Agreed. You take both.

  • Terry

    They both could start 3-4 years even if they have to sit 1 year.
    Thomas on the outside would replace Breslin or Kennard
    Vanderdoes in the middle would be dominate
    I think Thomas might be more important for several reasons. 1)-he seems to want to be a Trojan. 2) Its a huge void when Breslin/ Kennard leave. Ruffin and Thomas both would be quick and long armed @ 6’3 235 in a year. Perfect with great speed off the edge.

    • Well, Tomas ain’t getting released and Vanderdoesnt is a bruin, so lets move on.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        I agree with you…..Now please tell that to your boy Scotty so that we can all move on……and “NO” this was not an “anti gay” / racist / homophobic / hater post…….

  • Trojan Hoarse

    OK…. so where are the utters?…….I can tell that Wolf is going to milk this subject to death…….Besides these decommits / recommits, there have also been a ton of high profile transfers in college football recently, for various reasons (playing time, academics, coaching changes, willingness to compete, discipline, etc.)….the need for “immediate gratification” seems to be at an all-time high…..

  • Truth Teller

    Word on the street is that Matthew Thomas has become disgruntled with USC and is loving FSU.

  • dtksr1 @dslextreme.com

    Is anyone going to blame Vanderdoes for what he sees in Lane Kiffin? Enough of Lane Kiffin that it outweighs the advantages of working with Coach O? 2-years in a row linemen have bailed out not on USC, but on Lane Kiffin buffoonery. The same might be said about Thomas if he observed what the USC program looks like today. Pat Haden needs to open his eyes to a crumbling football program and not just sit in his office between girls volleyball games counting his money!

  • What disgruntled writer would you rather have? Not the pr!@k Wolf for sure.

  • Wayne Lusvardi

    Vanderdoes apparently is short one high school course to get into Notre Dame if I read the story between the lines correctly. USC audits the high school coursework of its recruits so this won’t happen. I have no idea what happened with Vanderdoes. So Vanderdoes may not be disillusioned with Notre Dame. But this may give him an opportunity to reassess whether Notre Dame was the best move. Look what happened to 5 star offensive lineman Kyle Murphy who picked Stanford over USC only now to find himself behind Andrus Peat. Playing the first year is critical if a player wants to go into the NFL draft after their junior year. USC offers that instant possibility. And he reportedly has a great family and work ethic. And USC would have an awesome defensive line unit if he was to join them.

  • bigturboweenie

    Lol notre dame isnt letting that boy go.