The Daily Barkley

“I have no problem with him playing in the NFL with how he throws the football,” Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks coach Bill Lazor said of Matt Barkley. “Having him here has verified what we thought.”

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  • wolfman, no one delivers a stealth kick to the crotch like you, hombre!!!!

    clearly you are suggesting that the Pious Passer had no business in the NFL so you post a quote that is laughable in it lack of substance or context!

    genius, wolfman, pure unadulterated GENIUS!!!

    • TrojanFan

      MAN CRUSH!

    • bigturboweenie

      Come over and suck my d***.

    • Cheap seats

      A “stealth” kick indeed.

      Notice that Wolf never quotes anything affirmative. Instead of digging up a quote that says, “Barkley has great accuracy..”

      He makes sure he finds a quote like, “We do NOT have a problem with his accuracy.”

      Implied that there’s a problem…

      Either way, there’s no doubt the Eagles were high on him as they traded up to get him. Oakland had him as their best QB on the board and when MB came off, they traded down and got Wilson.