USC v. Notre Dame

Are you tired of hearing about Eddie Vanderdoes and his college drama yet? At one time a verbal commitment meant something. Now signing a letter of intent apparently means nothing.
If nothing else USC has probably been the most gracious school at releasing athletes. Last year USC released tailback Amir Carlisle. It seemed odd at the time and the official story was Carlisle wanted to be closer to his family.
But sources within the football program said Carlisle also claimed he was bullied.

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  • Amir was bullied at USC…then why did he choose Notre Dame? So Brian Kelly can bully him on national TV? So he risk his life filming a practice from a tower in 60MPH winds? Or so he can find a fake girlfriend on twitter and live with humiliation? I’ll take the tough love at USC.

    • RememberTheFreedomBowl

      I still find it very ironic that Will Ferrell did the Captain Compete video showing how to handle a scaffolding accident before it actually happened at Notre Dame. Still on You Tube I believe.

  • NoMercy

    IS That Why He Decommitted From Stanford Too? The Boy Is Just Confused.

    • Letsberealistic

      Amir was bullied, bad enough that big time attorneys were brought in, silence was part of the transfer

  • Cheap seats

    Maybe EV is just a diva and is related to Dwight Howard?

  • gotroy22

    Who bullied Amir?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      What?…. and expect Wolf to reveal his treasured, anonymous “sources”?….And who exactly are these sources?….coaches?… players?….secretary’s?…..Errrr.. Administrative Assistants?….football deflating student managers?…..regardless, if this were true, my question would be “Why doesn’t Amir speak up and share this information with the public?”….. what would he have to lose?….or is this part of the “code of silence”…..

    • Ben Factor

      I have to agree with gotroy22 and Trojan Hoarse on this one. A professional writer does not typically hear a statement of that kind from more than one “inside” source, and not inquire about the specific “bullying” acts.

      The expected fallout would be just what has happened: unjustified lashing out at Notre Dame and Brian Kelly, accusations that Carlise was a sissy, accusations that USC’s “city kids” (I guess that means less advantaged minority athletes) persecute middle class students in the program, and other…may I use the word “rubbish”? This was Scott’s doing. What’s the point?

      As an aside, what has struck me about the program is how well the players seem to get along, considering that all-out competition among them is systematically encouraged. Of course the players banter aggressively with each other. That is part of what all-out competition entails. Plus, any group of guys banters. However, the players seem like a tight knit group.

      • marvgoux1

        Agree that this is a serious charge. When Tattoo Boy bullied players at fucla it destroyed their program. Glad to hear your take on how our players get along.

      • Spedjones

        Yes, broken jaws, post-bowl brawls in the locker room… it’s one big happy family.

  • old_trojan_93

    I can see that being true. Amir appeared to have lived a sheltered life. The city kids would have eaten him alive.

  • timtrojan

    Here comes Scotty with his drivel to get post. Scotty’s only source in the program is the guy that delivers the towels. According to sources Scotty tried to actually interview a player last year and he was promptly taped and thrown in a trash can. Scotty please get help to work out those repressed memories. Your act is getting very old. According to sources.