USC WR Marqise Lee Does Not Advance In West Regional Long Jump

Marqise Lee finished 25th today in the prelims of the long jump at the NCAA West Regional in Austin, Texas. The top 16 advanced to the finals. Lee’s best jump was 24-feet, 1-inch.

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  • ok if he was a contender for the champeenship, that would be one thing….but why is the best player in college football risking injury to finish a probably expected 25th place?? it’s not he’s gonna suddenly jump 3 ft farther than he ever has…coo-coo crazy!!

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    • TrojanFan

      According to sources, bucket was seen leaving a hourly rate motel, with a Barkley jersey on that had white stains all over the front….ouch!

      • And 18 strokes from the women’s golf team

    • TrojanFan

      According to sources, bucket was seen leaving a hourly rate motel, with a Barkley jersey on that had white stains all over the front….ouch!

    • ThaiMex

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  • timtrojan

    Scotty and his wife in perfect harmony. Brings a tear to my eye. According to sources Bucket likes Scotty to wear only a Barkley jersey during nocturnal play time.

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      • ” am a proud Class of 1983 grad.”

        ugh. at least you graduated.

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          Class of 1983 is the adjective in this sentence and is grammatically correct.

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    • TrojanFan

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  • timtrojan

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      • timtrojan

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    • TrojanFan

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