BCS Odds

USC and UCLA are given the same odds to win next year’s BCS championship according to Sportsbook.com. And both are far, far behind Alabama . . . and Oregon. Full list here.

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    • TrojanFan


      What kind of sounds would come out of you after three hard kicks to the cranium?

      • TF, there is NO cranium.

        • NoMercy

          LoL. I Like.

      • betomas

        1,988 comments and counting–the leading commenter on this here little blog
        …and we’re all that much stupider for it.

        • TrojanFan

          Posting before 1:00 am, must of been fired from the local “ampm” job, pathetic!

          The team is having a good year, ranked in the top 25, playing in one of the tougher conferences in the country

          PS….It’s “SLO”, idiot!

    • betomas

      CB, why doesn’t your illustrious writer, Mr. Jack “thee” Wang, write anything about this? You could be celebrating on his blog.

      …er, it would probably mean you celebrating on both blogs, but whatever.


    Isnt that kind of a knock to fucla? I mean, they are the reigning south chumps. Meanwhile USC is replacing it’s star quarterback.

    • TrojanFamily

      The poor UCLA coaching and a tradition of jumping the fence rather than practicing dropped its chances.

  • timtrojan

    UCLA has the same odds Bucket has to ever play the “man” in his “relationship” with Scotty. According to sources.