USC Wins Women’s Golf Title

annie-park_r640Photo/Tracy Wilcox

The Trojans breezed to a 21-stroke victory over Duke in the NCAA women’s golf championships at Athens, Ga. Freshman Annie Park won the individual title by six strokes. Even more impressive, Park graduated from high school early to enroll at USC in January.

How come she didn’t get on that poster hyping the early enrollees for football?

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  • way to go trOXan young ladies!!!! looks like you gals have racked up a Natty for the school’s impressive total of Champeeeenships!!!

    uh….er…ummm….oh sorry, i forgot virtually every trOXan on this site has vociferously argued that women’s sports are a no-count waste of time and do NOT count towards a schools totals NCAA champeenship tally!!!

    awwww, that’s a shame. pero no te preocupes, gals, trOXan ladies have always found refuge in the arms of an understanding Bruin, right ladies??? ; )

    • Agree.

    • TrojanFamily

      Hi! I’m Chuckles best friend. I am his only chance to win an argument.

      The Straw Man

      P.S. some people remember glowing praise for Belen Mozo. Chuckles does not.

      • There were a few absolutely justifed comments of praise for Mozo… in between all the cruel mocking of a mentally challenged child….truly the lowest point I have seen on this blog. Courtesy of the usual Dummies!!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath


          Don’t try to reverse it. It was almost all praise and a couple of jerks unsuccessfully trying to be funny.

          If UCLA fans were judged by the lowest common denominator, an alum who spends much of his time childishly provoking people on USC message boards under multiple user names, including a girlfriend he created, they wouldn’t look too good.

          Fortunately, we are able to dismiss the bottom dwellers. You should too.

    • ThaiMex

      Excellent point Chucker…wasn’t it Paralegal (lawyer John, where have you gone) who made the famous “Separate but equal” comment sometime last year?
      fit on torgans…..(home of spittin’ & gropin’, women punchers)

    • tl;dr.

      Another Friday night well spent Bucket. Well done. It’s laughably obvious how empty your life is.

  • Congrats to the Women of Troy Golf Team, they obviously have a coach who can both coach and recruit, unlike football.

  • rusoviet

    Best since the water polo championship – go Troy. Let’s all agree with that letter to the sports page today i.e. watch as USC men’s and women’s basketball move right by the bel-airians.

    Love that letter by the bel-airians ‘ad’ Guerrero re. Alford. Hey Dan if you really were planning on sacking Howland at a minimum couldn’t you have found out what the buyout was for any future hire? We all know you had no clue about either OD’s or Providence’s buy out because you sure didn’t about Alford’s obligation to NM.

    I need my ‘woodie’ fix ….. wooodie …… JFK …… RFK ….. woodie ….. Obama ….. all the gods worship them ….. on your knees as the uclans do daily – “IWe worship thee woodie….