Answer Wednesday!

Time to answer questions, like who is the best QB to lead USC next season.

Q: m00t


Can you give us a objective analysis on who will be a better overall collegiate quarterback between Kessler and Wittek?


A: We don’t know who will be a better college quarterback yet because Kessler’s never played a college game and Wittek’s had two starts. The first against Notre Dame, which was supposed to be the nation’s best defense until the Alabama game and the second against Georgia Tech in windy conditions with poor play calling and questionable motivation from USC.

Now, based on spring, Kessler was the better QB.

But here is the issue: Does Lane Kiffin simply play Kessler because he had a  better spring or does he take into account Wittek is four inches taller and has the strongest arm in the program?

That is a dilemma for Kiffin. He prefers to go taller and stronger but also knows Kessler had a better spring. Wittek has more potential. But the question is whether that potential becomes reality.


Q: Charlie Bucket

wolfman, you are a legend in Southern Cal sports reporting….you have seen it all and have been on the front lines for decades….wolfman, my question is:

with Baseball and Basketball in the tank and football going from One to UN, and with a reeling AD and HFC, in your EXPERT opinion, is this the LOWEST state overall you have seen Southern Cal sink to during your illustrious career???

A: I still think USC was lower from 1996-2000 from a football standpoint. And basketball wasn’t great under Henry Bibby outside the year he went to the Elite Eight. Baseball was obviously better under Mike Gillespie in those days.

Here’s what is worse now: The teams you mentioned are basically given unlimited resources and still losing. Football has the McKay Center and the boost from the Pete Carroll era. So to go 7-6 is inexcusable.

Basketball has the Galen Center and more money than it did 15 years ago, so to struggle now is worse.

So it might be debatable about whether this is the lowest point but it is definitely true those teams accomplished less with more resources than the teams before them.

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  • B.Miller

    Wolf-can you reach out and see if Charlie Strong in available after this year?

  • Charlie Bucket

    thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!

    you confirmed Southern Cal is OFFICIALLY at their LOWEST point EVER!!

    The Force is STRONG with the Cadre i sense!!!

    now that the entire Southern Cal Athletic Dept is left in a shambles, it’s time for the Cadre to focus on Philly and the Pious Passer!!!

    Memo to Cadre: tonight we will be burning Bounce Pass Haden in effigy to commemorate this MOMENTOUS DAY!!!

    • Karla

      Charlie Bucket, are you as good in bed as you are on this Blog?

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Bucket, You really did that?

      • Bet he IS!

  • Terry

    Kessler is a better runner.
    Kessler makes fewer mistakes.
    Kessler is more popular among is piers
    Kessler is just a better fit.
    I believe we will win more with Kessler