I want to pick up a little bit on the question asked in the previous post about the state of the marquee sports at USC.

When you consider the millions invested in football and basketball, it is almost amazing USC could be so mediocre last season in football. If you walk on campus and see the McKay Center, you might think you are on a SEC campus.

And then there is basketball, which we were always told would reach new success once the Galen Center was built. Anyone? Anyone?

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  • Charlie Bucket

    indeed, why all the broken promises of the Gaylen Center, wolfman???

    and don’t forget the crashing disaster of a BASEBALL program, wolfman!!

    wolfman you deserve better than being chained to this Titanic of a program!!!

    i have noticed even all the ex Raider fans have stopped wearing their Southern Cal t shirts!!! in public at least!!

    • rusoviet

      Hey tapette how’s your woodie novena goin’? Come on lunchous down on your knees to ‘woodie’ They even named a church in NYC after him ‘St. John The Divine’ …… it forced the ‘Kennedys’ to share naming rights. ‘Johnnie…..why?……. oh for the days long past ….. Nellie …… children and grandchildren waiitng for more payouts ….. Simers and Hoffarth and the rest of the 4th estate with their weekly homage to St. John or vin-dawg…..if only….(snicker)

    • Not sure if typos or if genuinely stupid…

      • rusoviet

        Hey lunchous try to really bring it – your syntax is lacking then again what else does a ‘LAUSD-UCLA’ tax supported scam get you – ‘fuitopian’ studies Now children this is how m00t fits his partner for a ‘woodie’ (woodie – word origin St. John The Divine aka ‘jonnie woodie’ – what a man he was standing up (not) to Sam Gilbert …. boy did ‘jonnie’ play the man or what? Nah he left the steaming stench for Gene Bartow to confront.

        When you think of ‘jonnie’ think of ‘vin-dawg’ – LA’s two demi-gods…. just wait for the Simers and Hoffarth (how’s that for a last name huh?) to write another screed for either of these gods for the blue-rinse set and ‘U Clowns Lost Again’ addicts.

        Vinnie….ha cha cha cha cha cha – vin-dawg

        • ಠ_ಠ The fck did I just read.

  • NoMercy

    So How Is The Pride Of WierdwooD Doing, ThaT Is Maurice Jones Drew?

    • Charlie Bucket

      typical DUMMY….police have since stated he is completely innocent and had nothing to do with this…contrary to false initial reports!!!!! SWEEEEEEET!!

      some Dummies claim i am on this blog too much, but most of my time here is spent CORRECTING Dummies!!!

      memo to Karla: a gentleman never discusses such things in public!!

      • Another bRuin thug.

      • NoMercy

        Seems Like Someone Read A Little Too Much Into My Question. Chocolate Boy Likes To Infer Things As Usual. Poor Little Chocolate Boy Has To Resort To Foul Language And name Calling. Silly Little Chocolate Boy. Name Calling Is The Last Resort Of The Ignorant. Even Chocolate boy Must Be Better Than That. Or Is He?

        • ThaiMex

          calling a black person “Chocolate Boy” is something only a lowly Torgan would resort to. Yes, Chucker is part Black. Karla says, he’s black from the waist down!
          fit on torgans

          • NoMercy

            The only part of chocolate boy that is black is his eye from getting so many beat downsnon this blog. Poor chocolate boy has had it handed it to him so many times on this blog. I’m not sure why he continues to embarass himself and his fellow and obviously more mature ruin alumni. He perpetuates the “Weirdwood” stereotype.
            Nice try with the race card though. Another last ditch technique attempt that ruins typically adhere to. Silly little chocolate boy. Be careful chocolate boy, diabetes is on the rise.

          • TrojanFan

            Karla also said, “she fits like a glove”

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            So he has light skin above his waist and dark below?
            He’s weirder than I thought.

          • TrojanFan

            The penis, which looks more like a pimple, is unrecognizable until he pisses through it

  • rusoviet

    Considering the ineptitude of the football effort last year (in no small part on the father-son Kiffins and in particular ‘papa’) the foolish decision to delay imposition of the reduction in scholarships a full year and the lack of running game the program is primed to move up fast this year. Much easier schedule. Daddy’s gone, so is ‘Matt’, Layne’s entire future hangs on this year.

    Basketball – revolving door of coaches is never a smart way to produce victories. Enfield will make UCLA wish they’d never phoned Altford.

    Baseball – a real problem but if there is a reasoned search done for a solid head coach this will turn itself around. The choice by Garrett to hire Kreutter was the worst he made.

    • ThaiMex

      Niet Niet Soviet! Enfeld is to SCUm Basketball, what Seinfeld is to SCUm Basketball!
      Didn’t most of you RAH RAH’s dump heaps of undeserved praise on Goat Boy too, upon hearing of his hire? Didn’t you do the same w/ Tollner, Robo the 2nd time around? It appears to me this is just another instance of Torgans jumping up and down in the corner, waving arms, yelling “WHAT ABOUT ME”. The best thing you got going for you is those “MANLY MEN” in those pretty CREAM COLORED SWEATERS doing push ups, and now you’re telling the world to WATCH OUT FOR Enfield (like Bibby, Morrison, The Drunk Guy, and fat guy from Utah who NEVER showed up?). The sun will rise in the east, set in the west, the Swallows will return to San Juan, and your Basketball & Football teams will still perform like sh!t.
      Fit on LIMBO U, where there’s only one way to go,….LOWER!

    • MG was forced by Chads father in law. Look it up

  • jkstewart2

    Haden seems to have a tough time holding coaches accountable

  • dtksr1

    There are 2-reasons for this ship-of-state Scott: Max Nikias & Pat Haden
    Who else can you blame?

  • rusoviet

    Nothing germane to this but I need my ‘vin-dawg’ fix ….. dulcet tones … soothing appealing to the ‘hoi polloi’ who know full well the risk of dissing the guy who worked so hard for his lifetime gig @ 23 years of age …

    I give all of you ‘vin-dawg chevrolet’ ….. the bouquet of the acolytes as they draw ‘me lord’s bath’ said flunkies mind you lest his eminence be perturbed…. oh to be his ‘batman’ attired in livery chosen by ‘him’…..

    ‘Vinnie’…. brooklyn …. dodger dawg exhaust …. plundering of people’s homes …. ‘vinnie’ 23 and in for life …. the adoration reminds one of a cult… JFK …. RFK …. Teddie ….. why?…..If only ….. Who will lead us to our dream land? ….