Serra LB Dwight Williams Not Happy With USC

Serra LB Dwight Williams sent this out today. He was not offered a scholarship by USC and not happy about it. He has been offered by Florida, Georgia and UCLA, among others.

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  • JayJR

    Sounds like an immature brat. Many times public comments come back to bite you. Best to say; “I have tons of offers, and I like these…”

    No reason to slam any school that thinks enough to offer you a free ride.

  • NoMercy

    Poor Baby.


    He hasn’t learned to spell as a junior in high school, so why WASTE a 60k/year scholarship on him. There’s always El Camino CC or fucla.

    • Spedjones

      Yes, yet you’re happy to take guys who are happy to be Trogans! Let’s not take him because his tweets are grammatically incorrect! Who needs the #7 OLB in the country anyway!

      • SCFTBL1

        There’s always someone better.

        • Spedjones

          Really? Look at your commits thus far, not including the ones who have already decommited. You are right that there are better guys – they’re just not going to end up at SUC!

          • SCFTBL1

            Tell me…who are your commits?

  • TrojanFamily

    With his difficulty with homonyms, I expect Mr. Williams to forgo scholarship offers in favor of a staff position at the Daily News.

    • NoMercy

      Nice! Lol.

    • marvgoux1

      Except that Scott is a graduate of USC. So you are attacking our school. Dumb.

      • NoMercy

        Ummmm…No. He Is Attacking Scott And The Daily news. Dumb.

  • F em

  • reknigh

    Can’t blame him. Who would want to come play for lame kitten ?

  • jkstewart2

    every year of the kiffin regime, the recruiting seems to take a wrong turn, needlessly alienating players and then when they figure out that mr alabama is going to bama, panicking and going back to a much lower choice…

  • wrong

    Perhaps Markeith Ambles taught Kiffin a lesson. Certainly we only have access to what appears in public. Just imagine what goes through a coaches mind, or doesn’t, when communicating regularly with an athlete that doesn’t have much potential when it comes to being a college STUDENT.

    This whole exchange makes me wonder what the coaches and recruits actually (de)SERVE.

  • Ben Factor

    I understand that Williams’s skill set is not suited to the current defense. It wouldn’t be good for USC or Williams for USC to recruit him.

    There have been plenty of coaching/leadership errors, but not every event is a coaching error.

    Anyway, this year, recruiting really WON’T be about the hype. If USC plays well and beats some stronger teams (particularly, UCLA), Signing Day should go well. If not, it won’t go well, no matter what players are targeted right now. It is what it is.

  • NoMercy

    Dont You Need To Have An Offer To Be Able To Say “Thanks, But No Thanks”?