USC Saturday Buzz

chesneyhawksRemember when the stars came to USC practices like Will Ferrell? Well, now they go to Seattle. Here’s country music singer Kenny Chesney at Seahawks practice Friday with Pete Carroll in the background.


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  • Ben Doverz

    Who cares.

    • TrojanFan


  • TrojanFamily

    I am trying to understand the argument. Since Kenny Chesney was at a Seahawks practice, USC is to be criticized? Is Scott trying to imply that unless USC is the only practice that minor celebrities attend, USC has failed in some way?

    • Ben Factor

      I always thought PC was very shrewd to welcome celebrities to visit. I gather, however, that the NCAA didn’t care for it. Sanctons, sanctions, sanctions.

  • Charlie Bucket


    see, this is the wolfman subtly reminding the Dummies the Sanctions still exist!!!

    sweeeet crotch kick, wolfman!! sometimes you kick the Dummies in the crotch and they don’t know they’ve been kicked till hours later!!!!

    wolfman, you are one sly crotch-kicking son of a gun!!!

    • TrojanFamily

      Scott Wolf is as subtle as you are intelligent.