Pac-12 Plans To Limit Football Contact Days

During a conference call today, conference commissioner Larry Scott said the Pac-12 is looking at adopting a policy limiting the amounting of contact in football practices. Scott did not give many details but it appears the Pac-12 could have fewer contact days than NCAA rules allow.

“Going forward, the Pac-12 will look at guidelines around contact in practice to ensure that student-athlete well-being is being closely monitored, both in the amount of contact and in providing our student-athletes and coaches with ample opportunity to teach and learn the correct tackling methods during the spring and preseason,” the conference said.

The conference is also formulating new health-safety initiative that include a Head Trauma Task Force. Here’s the conference statement.

Scott also said he had no reason to be optimistic about reaching a deal with the DirecTV to carry the Pac-12 Network.

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