Phil Steele Ranks USC No. 6 In Nation



The college football analyst comes out with the most-stunning ranking of USC this summer with the Trojans ranked sixth just behind Oregon and ahead of No. 7 Louisville. As the picture reveals, Stanford is ranked 11th.

28 thoughts on “Phil Steele Ranks USC No. 6 In Nation

  1. Seriously?…. taking a picture of a magazine and posting it on your blog?..How lazy can you get?……Isn’t this some kind of copyright infringement? … you’re stunned?…..weren’t we all stunned about last years debacle?….Phil Steele obviously sees something in the team this year that you don’t……How about you try and figure it out?!!!

  2. Bucket, give us your best lame a$$ response. Put karla to the side and focus

  3. this sounds more like Leonard Tose’s Pre-Season Top 40!!!

    i think the wolfman took a picture ’cause otherwise no would would BELIEVE IT!!!

    well, this wasn’t exactly from One to UN, but i’m sure Bounce Pass wanted to start out in the 25-30 area so expectations were not too high!!!

    thanks for the GUMBALL, Phil!!!!!

    somewhere Max Witteck is saying “uh-oh….”

      • Dude… that was way too easy and way too predictable….. I LOVE IT!… I’m feeling so tingly!

    • BELIEVE it?…. why wouldn’t we believe it?….it’s just one persons opinion….Like in 2011, when 59 out of 60 AP voters picked LSU as the #1 team in the country, and the lone holdout was none other than Wolf, who insisted on picking Boise State #1…..and Wolf justified his selection based on historical data (their wins over Oklahoma,Oregon, Virginia Tech, and Georgia) ,,,, from PRIOR years!!!! him taking a picture, Wolf just saved me $10……Leonard Tose?.. another Jim Healy reference from the 70’s and 80’s…..How about some originality?….you’re better than that, aren’t you?…..I’m sure that UCLA QB Brett Hundley will have a Heisman Trophy worthy season this year, no?

  4. LOL. Good luck with that! From 6 to UN isn’t much better than 1 to UN!

  5. best case scenario I guess breaking in a new qb and def scheme but the talent is there

  6. That is incredible with no experienced quarterback, one decent experienced but injury prone running back, our questionable offenisve line and our Swiss cheese defense.

    • I think that this lofty ranking is more about the quality our opponents and the higher expectations of an improved, epxerienced defensive line and linebacker corps, corner backs notwithstanding……

    • Lets not forget what Leinart did. As a freshman he took a few snaps, but threw no passes and then went on to start every game for the next three seasons. He won two Nattys along with a Heisman Trophy

      • Leinart had Norm Chow as his OC and had Reggie and LenDale to hand off to. Our quarterbacks have Lane Kiffin.

        • Lets not forget, we arguably have the best overall group of receivers in college football. In my opinion, offensive line play is going to be a huge factor this year. If they can protect the QB and open some holes, special things should come from this offense

          The defense overall will be much improved. Cornerback play is going to be real critical in the early part of the season. This defense is going to open up some eyes this season

          The glass has more in it than most people think. Looks like Phil has been drinking some and he likes it

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    • in other expected news, the Nobel Committee in Stockholm Sweden named Bucket(aka penis breath) a Nobel Laureate in the field of Blog Trolling and Mental Deficiency based on his incessant comments on these two areas of study

      • wow so witty!!! repeating what i said!!! such an underused tactic!! to think most people abandon this in the 3rd grade!!! well done, dummy!!

        oh great, now I’M guilty of mocking a mentally challenged boy.

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