USC Football APR Score Ninth-Best In Pac-12

The NCAA announced APR scores today and USC football checked in with a multi-year score of 945. That is two points lower than last year and USC was ninth in the Pac-12. A multi-year score covers the 2008-09 to 2011-12 academic years.

USC’s score is four points below the national average for football. Cal finished last with a score of 935, good for a bottom 10 finish nationally.

USC men’s basketball fared better, with a multi-year score of 957 despite a 2011-12 score of 939. The multi-year score is five points above national average and tied for eighth in Pac-12.

To compete in 2013-14 postseason events, teams must have a 900 or better multi-year APR scire or a 930 or better average for the past two years.

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  • m00t

    It’s apparently the only good thing we can do in basketball

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Let’s put this report regarding the APR (Academic Progress Rate) in it’s proper context, shall we?…..According to a Tweet put out by ESPN’s Brett McMurphy, Bottom 10 BCS football APR: UL & Tenn 924, OkSt 926, ISU 928, UNC 934, Cal 935, Texas 936, ArizSt & Md 937, Ark 938……

  • Trojan Hoarse

    And don’t forget the reason why the APR is even being measured and reported: The APR measures retention and eligibility. Schools get rewarded for keeping players in school and on track to graduate. Penalties (scholarship reductions, postseason bans) are assessed for poor performance…… it’s basically a Pass-Fail proposition…..the threshold is a score of 900. Scores below 900 invalidate a program for the postseason, and two-year running averages below 930 carry the same consequence…..

    • B.Miller

      great Insight.. Not like we would have gotten this in-depth from Wolf..