Who Would You Start At QB?

If you were Lane Kiffin, would you go with a safe and solid pick and start Cody Kessler? Or would you go with the more-traditional pro-style QB and start Max Wittek?

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    Cody starts against the Rainbows.


      Bucket loves rainbows.


  • LamontRaymond

    I’d give Kessler the shot based on his performance in practices (as compared to Wittek’s performance in the Sun Bowl). Totally unfair way to compare the guys, but hey, it’s a thought.

  • socaldude

    Kessler has earned the opportunity to start.

    However, Kiffen is owned by Mater Dei High School. He’s had over two years to decide between Kessler and Wittek and still refuses to name the starter because he is scared that Wittek will transfer.

    Flash back to Michigan in the Tom Brady era. Drew Hensen was the big tall quarterback with the big arm. Brady was supposed to be the bench-warmer. Turns out Brady had the “it” factor. Wittek doesn’t have the “it” factor and Kessler does. Wittek laid a rotten egg in the Sun Bowl and missed half of Spring Practice. If it had been Kessler then Wittek would already be annointed as the starter.

    When the coach bows to the alter of Mater Dei High School and the O.C. base then open competition is lip service, not reality.

    Kiffen has probably already cost himself the Notre dame game and the Sun Bowl game with Wittek. He has a razor thin margin for error this season on a scorched hot seat.

  • rusoviet

    I’m just gad Barkley is gone at least there is a modicum for competition no mater how skewed it seems to observers.

    • Ben Factor

      I’m surprised that you think that Barkley started even though Kiffin thought that Kessler or Wittek might play better. If you think that, I completely disagree.

  • Ben Factor

    1. I’m unclear how any commenters think that they have enough information to make this decision. Doesn’t one have to observe cut-ups of each QB in all the practices, and then grade them?

    2. I have read that Kessler isn’t much shorter than Barkley, so what makes Wittek more traditional?

    3. While I have criticized Kiffin’s thought process at times, he does not qualify for aid under the Educational Disabilities Act. Therefore, I very highly doubt that he will let the USC/Mater Dei relationship determine the starter at QB. Be serious.

    4. The named starter will require most of the reps in Fall practice. The competition will have to be resolved sooner, rather than later.

    5. Whoever loses the competition to start will transfer–and should transfer–given Browne’s auspicious first Spring practice. The smarter bet would be not to burn an eligibility year as the back-up. Most guys make the smarter bet.

    6. Once the non-starter announces his intent to transfer, if USC plays well, it may have a shot at a very good QB from the 2014 recruiting class. Or not. It’s always tricky. The fact is that if the 2013 starter plays so well that Browne doesn’t look likely to start in 2014, he will transfer. And he probably should transfer if it unfolds that way. Timing is everything, as Barkley found out, after a long personal run with good timing (sanctions or no sanctions, Barkley had previously been at the right place at the right time).

    • gotroy22

      If that’s the case then do you think Kiffin should start either Kessler or Wittek to start the season but gradually play Browne more, with Browne starting by about the 7th game like they did with Carson Palmer?

      • Ben Factor

        I don’t think Kiffin can afford to do anything but win games. Assuming that Wittek or Kessler announces a transfer and does not play with the team in the Fall, to preserve eligibility, then Browne will be the back-up. How much he plays as the year progresses depends on how the starter does, if he’s injured, and how many blowouts develop. I don’t expect blowouts, for a variety of reasons. So I don’t think that Kiffin will make a change unless the season is going south, and the starting QB is contributing materially to the problem.

  • B.Miller

    Wittek has the better arm and is more of an athlete, which is why I think Kiffin went with him..

    My opinion, play the best QB! the best game manager, the best ball protector, and the smartest QB..

    Don’t force anything and get the ball into your play makers hands and let them do all the work for you, like Leinart use to do!