Winners And Losers Of The Week


Nathan Tilford
Baby Receiver gets scholarship offer. Can he stay at same school four years unlike the Baby Quarterback (David Sills)?

Andy Enfield
Building house in Manhattan Beach. It’s good to be USC basketball coach.
Matthew Thomas
Maybe didn’t get to go to USC but at least his situation appears settled.
Bryshon Nellum
Won Pac-12 male athlele and U.S. track national athlete awards.
Matt Barkley
Probably should ignore tweets from ESPN’s Adam Schefter.
Football For Ladies 101
The cost. The embarassing title. The only good thing was the giggling at Lane Kiffin’s pre-game speech.
Coaching searches
The pressure is on with the baseball and track jobs open.
USC baseball
Losing recruits like third basemen Ryan McMahon and shortstop Riley Unroe just another hurdle for program.
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    Bucket must be spending the day with his DADDY, bRuinslob.
    Or maybe he took one too many KICKS TO THE CROTCH!


    • Joe Blow

      LOVE IT!

      • Charlie Bucket

        more OBSESSION!!! here it is Fathers day and instead of thinking about their dear old dads, the Dummies’ only thoughts are of….BUCKET???


        • TrojanFan

          It was Fathers Day yesterday, besides the quickie with your DADDY bruinrob, you still devoted the day to trolling, pathetic!


          • Bucket’s Lover

            Charlie and I spent the whole day together

            Boy does that guy have some stamina

  • Charlie Bucket

    one more WINNER wolfman, take a knee, i GOT this!!!

    the UCLA baseball team beats powerhouse LSU 2-1!!! the GUTTY Bruins pull it out with a rag tag group of Gutties!!!! team batting avg under .250!!! yet they went into CSUF’s house and SWEPT THEM!!!! and now they beat LSU in the CWS!!!

    that’s what i’m TALKIN’ ‘BOUT!!!!!

    • TrojanFan

      1:00 am and you’re still trolling this blog, get a life. But first get the cranium checked out

      that’s what i’m TALKIN’ ‘BOUT!!!!!

      Two crotch kicks to the good eye for being a LOSER!!!

      • Joe Blow

        TF, relax he just got home from work. When McDonalds closes at 11, Bucket starts cleaning the restrooms. Great deal for him, minimum wage and all he can eat that he finds in the restrooms. Hawr Hawr

  • gotroy22

    Winner : USC alum Mohammed Morsi celebrated a year as Egypt’s president by appointing 17 new provincial governors, including seven members of his Muslim Brotherhood, adding to its already considerable power in the legislative and executive branches.